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Arrest report: Missing ‘Fantasy’ dancer victim of past violence


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Published Mon, Dec 20, 2010 (4:15 p.m.)

Updated Mon, Dec 20, 2010 (8:32 p.m.)

Jackie Valley Discusses Missing Dancer

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Las Vegas Sun reporter Jackie Valley goes on Fox News to discuss the disappearance of Debora "Debbie" Flores Narvaez. The 31-year-old performer in Luxor's "Fanatasy" show has been missing since she left her Las Vegas home around 7 p.m. on Dec. 12.

An arrest report released Monday provides details about a domestic violence dispute involving the ex-boyfriend of missing dancer Deborah Flores-Narvaez.

According to the report, Jason Griffith was dating Flores-Navarez for a year and she was pregnant with his child. He was arrested in late October and charged with coercion after he allegedly stole her iPhone, pushed her down on the ground, kicked her and pulled her hair.

The report said that Flores-Navarez told police she was visiting Griffith’s ex-girlfriend’s house when Griffith approached her in her car, took her iPhone and elbowed her in the chin.

She then told police he left in his car with her iPhone and Flores-Navarez and Griffith’s ex-girlfriend followed him to 1440 Canyon Rose Way.

Griffith and Flores-Navarez then got into a verbal argument and Griffith threw her phone. As she went to retrieve it, Griffith allegedly pushed her down on the ground, kicked her and pulled her hair.

The report said that Flores-Navarez has bruises on her legs and an officer found a lock of her hair on the ground.

Meanwhile, Deborah’s mother, Elise Narvarez, recently told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she received a text message from her daughter on Dec. 1.

“In case there is ever an emergency with me, contact Blu Griffith in Vegas. My ex-boyfriend. Not my best friend,” the message said.

Her mother told the paper that she asked her daughter what it meant and she responded, “never mind, mommy. Just keep it for your records.”

Deborah Flores-Narvaez's friends and family have passed out countless fliers, Metro Police detectives are investigating and the missing dancer's photos have been plastered across national media.

But "Debbie" as she is known to family and friends — a dancer at Luxor's "Fantasy" show — remains missing, now for more than a week.

Flores-Narvaez, 31, was last seen Dec. 12 leaving her apartment near Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue.

Police announced Friday that they found her car at an undisclosed location in Las Vegas.

Her sister, Celeste Flores-Narvaez, who flew here from Atlanta on Friday to help search efforts, said police found only a small makeup bag in the car.

Flores-Narvaez's cell phone remains off, and her MySpace and Facebook accounts untouched, she said.

Metro spokeswoman Barbara Morgan said detectives from the missing persons detail are "actively pursuing all leads," but they are not releasing any updates about the case, including whether they suspect foul play.

Celeste Flores-Narvaez said her sister's roommate contacted their family in Atlanta on Dec. 13 when Flores-Narvaez, who has lived in Las Vegas for about two years, failed to show up for a late-night dance practice and then a show.

Flores-Narvaez apparently stopped by her ex-boyfriend's residence the evening of Dec. 12, but he told their family she left before the season finale of the television show "Dexter," her sister said.

Flores-Narvaez is described as about 5-feet-5-inches tall and 120 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Flores-Narvaes typically wears bright colors and has a faded imprint of an old tattoo in the shape of a joker on her ankle, Celeste Flores-Narvaez said. She has lived at an apartment complex on Duke Ellington Way, which is near Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard.

Celeste Flores-Narvaez said she was not sure how long she would stay in Las Vegas, but right now, she remains in contact with her sister's many friends as they hope for her safe return.

"Please spread the word around," she said. "If you have any information or know anyone that does ... please contact the authorities."

Flores-Narvaez, originally from Puerto Rico, previously worked for the Washington Redskin Cheerleader Ambassadors in 2007 and 2008. According to her MySpace biography, she earned a law degree and has a bachelor's degree in international business but decided to pursue her passion for dancing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Metro's missing persons detail at (702) 828-2907.

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Discussion: 30 comments so far…

  1. Prayers. Relentless prayers.

  2. Court calendar shows a Jason Omar Griffith due in court 12/21 at 8 am Think he'll be there?

    God helps those who help themselves (if they can).

    Metro obviously has been playing this close to the vest, the car, the guy, etc. which is fine... but maybe a picture of the guy might help...or I guess other people might be endangered by this guy. Of course they are probably monitoring him in some fashionas well.

    The phone? There was a thrown I phone in the Meriwether case too. Sign of the times??

  3. Try YouTube mred. There's the MO = Jealousy.

  4. According to the Fox reporter she is a "superstar" showgirl, whatever that is, and she has an MBA, yet the article says a bachelors degree.

    This is probably why I don't watch television, especially television news.

    Reporting has degenerated into lameness and unreliability.

  5. My thoughts go out to the family and friends.

    I hope there is a positive ending to this.

  6. She's so pretty without all the makeup and glitz.

  7. There are some joint MBA/JD programs...maybe she went through on of those. The website that lists arrests in Las Vegas gives the guy's race, height etc. but the arrest report linked here does not..

    HLN is saying the boyfriend is cooperating with police...It is hard to do anything without ID, and her purse was left behind...

  8. The police report is implausible. His picture was shown on TV news last night along with the info that she was pregnant. So, first he knocked her up, then he knocked her down and he's not a suspect in her disapperance? Seems like she should choose her boyfriends a bit more carefully.

  9. ....wow... law degree...how did she fall so low with this degenerate and she was pregnant with his baby...doesn't fit..... are there drugs involved because most educated young women take advantage of their education and pursue a career....I am so sad for her....what a waste...

  10. On the ABC Nightly News the other day, they interviewed the woman who spotted the car. There WERE plates on the car when she first alerted police about an abandoned car, but the plates then were gone shortly thereafter. The car, as you all know, is in Metro's crime lab.

    I agree that Metro is playing this close to the vest. I will bet everything I own that the Ex boyfriend did her in. He'll hang himself one of the times Metro calls him in again for questioning.

    But for the life of me - WHY did she go over to his house? Especially is she was afraid of him?

  11. Prayers to the family, There is no way to imagine how they must feel being this time of the year .. This is another one of those cases that the whole community feels, from the strip to the neighborhoods.

  12. Det_Munch
    That is puzzling if she was the victim then why did she go out of her way to follow him and confront him or even go to a ex-girl friend of his to create trouble, Just who was the aggressor here it amazes me that people push the situation to the point to where they now claim to be a victim, his arrest report is for alleged abuse she may have forced his hand on that day.
    How ever I hope she will be found safe but it doesn't look like that is going to happen

  13. casinokid

    I don't know. IF he abused her before, what did she think was going to happen if she and another ex confronted him? I agree that she very well forced his hand that day; if not him, he had someone do it. As we know Vegas is filled with enough low lives that will do anything for money.