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Letter to the editor:

Support Obamacare for help it provides

Thu, Apr 5, 2012 (2:01 a.m.)

I am a stage-four metastatic breast cancer patient, diagnosed in December 2008. Following multiple biopsies it was discovered that I needed extensive chemotherapy once a week to fight this disease. I am a 46-year-old with a master’s degree.

After my diagnosis, I could no longer work. I filed for Social Security and began receiving Medicare. The cost of all the treatments was staggering.

Once-a-week chemo treatments for 10 months were followed by a partial lumpectomy. After that surgery, I needed radiation for 10 days, three times a day.

I can honestly say it is thanks to President Barack Obama’s health care reform that I am alive today. Without Obamacare, I never would have been able to afford the treatments that saved my life. It is because of his concern for all citizens in the United States — regardless of race, gender or sexual preference — that I was able to receive the medical care necessary.

As the nation is focused on the constitutionality of this landmark legislation, I wanted to tell my story to make sure Nevadans are aware of the very real lifesaving effects. This isn’t an abstraction happening in Washington; it’s happening here in Nevada and to middle-class families across the country.

This law expanded Medicare and means patients like me will have access to health care in the future, not be turned away for a pre-existing condition. It means I can focus on my fight against this disease, not on where my care will come from.

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  1. With such a horrible disease threatening you Medicare should automatically be your's. Renal failure patients already have that distinction. That should have been done in a separate simple bill and I bet most would have signed on to it.

  2. I am happy you were able to receive the treatment you needed, and that you are OK now.

    Medicare is not Obamacare. You most likely were accepted to receive Social Security Disability due to your illness and your inability to work. Also, you were automatically enrolled in Medicare until you went into remission.

    Obamacare is different from Medicare. If, after June 2010, you qualified for Obamacare on the temporary high risk pool, that would be a different circumstance from what you have explained. I am sure it would also be a help to you.

    I am not in anyway trying to challenge you, just trying to clarify the facts.

    I wish you the best.

  3. The above posts uncover and reveal the sad political truth about this case. Obamacare as represented by the Affordable Care Act is yoke around the neck of America. From the above posts it is painfully clear that Obamacare had nothing to do with saving the author's life. What a dispicable and sad conclusion. Nonetheless, we have been victims of lies and fraud everyday under this malicious and contemptful Obama administration. It will never end until he and all the Obama frauds are extracted and banished from the WH.

  4. Freeman is revealing evidence that this letter was a politically motivated piece.Thanks for the research Freeman!

  5. It is horrible when anyone gets cancer and I am glad the letter writer is doing better. That said, Re Freeman's comments should be taken for what they are... a legitmate questioning of 'how' Obamacare assisted the letter writer's cancer treatment. She doesn't say and only says she would not be alive without Obamacare. Judgment should be withheld until the letter writer responds, if she chooses to respond.

    Cost and access are the problems with our current health care system and these need to be addressed. Unfortunately, due to lobbyists for the health care and insurance industries and our poor performing Congress, what Obamacare turned out to be is legislation the increased access and did little to nothing about costs. In the end this will result in a program that is so costly that taxes will have to be raised and where benefits and treatments will have to be rationed.... or of course Congress can and probably will do what they are doing with SS and Medicare, which is lie and say everything is fine and borrow and print even more money. I am sorry folks, but creating another program like that will just end up bankrupting us all that much sooner.

    I see little real difference between that and what we have now. Our Congress and our President can do much better than this and we should insist that they do.


  6. I'm sorry to hear about the cancer, Donnedia, but I'm very happy to hear you have fought hard against it.

    And I know what you are facing. I am a cancer survivor also. And I have been beneficiary of an additional five years of life, with all signs the cancer has been removed, both by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments combined.

    I did not pay my bills through the Affordable Care Act. I am a retired U.S. Navy Veteran and my TriCare For Life paid the thousands of dollars in medical bills.

    Right now, I'm happy to say that all of my bills have been paid up. I am debt free and in fine health.

    But, this leads up to my point....

    I was lucky to be diagnosed and treated, and have my medical bills paid for.

    But why me?

    Why doesn't everyone in this great country have the same affordable, adequate and available health service treatment I had when I was faced with this life threatening crisis?

    Why was I spared and allowed to survive, while others met their demise?

    Do I live in a country that is so uncaring, indifferent and heartless they can't take care of their people?

    Hard questions I can't answer. Nobody else can either.

    That's why the Affordable Care Act is important.

    For RefNV: No, I don't work for the Democratic Party. I'm a concerned citizen who has a voice. AND I USE IT.

  7. Possibly this matter could have been improved with an appropriate disclosure about the letter writer's affiliation with the Obama campaign.That kind of transparency is useful.To be fair,most people are leaning in one direction or another on the merits of Obamacare. At least give us the benefit of a dislosure on the writer's affiliation.

  8. http://realclearpolitics.com/epolls/othe...
    Seventy five percent are against Obama Care??? The above represents the last couple of hundred polls. The groups that are most adamantly against it are Medicare and Medicaid recipients who are indemnified against high health costs by virtue of a government health care card.
    The people with private health insurance are lining up in bankruptcy court by the millions, six hundred thousand this year alone.
    Just ask Mr. Santorum. He is having a hard time paying his medical bills, caring for one sick child, with three million in income in the last three years.

  9. Living in Canada is so much less stressful because of our universal health care. It is difficult for we foreigners to even conceive of a society in which a serious illness or accident can bankrupt a family.
    I don't believe it is possible for private health care to adequately protect people like the letter writer who find themselves fraught with a terrible disease. A private company could never pay the massive costs involved without either losing all profit or making the premiums unaffordable. Only government has deep enough pockets to protect everyone.
    Having said that, universal health care has become fiscally unmanageable even in Canada because of the aging population and the extreme cost of modern treatments and drugs. I can't imagine any society being able to sustain universal health care without introducing ever increasing rationing. At least rationing would be applied equally to all, which seems a much superior system to bankrupting families which find themselves burdened with major sickness.

    FromBellevilleCanada (Don Desaulniers)

  10. Obama care as it Is called is not somethihg that the President just dreamed up.It's really called Universail Health care and goes all the way back to former President Harry S.Truman 1948.Everyone needs coverage and the Republicans know this.Front runner and Republican Presidental hopeful Mitt Romney, has made the same type of health care coverage available for the people of Massachusetts when he was Governor back In 2006 and signed Into law. It's not going away.

  11. Ms. Edmonds is supporting Obamacare BECAUSE it benefits her. It is as simple as that. So do all of us. We support whomever we 'think' represents our own beliefs, philosophies, and needs. No amount of logic will convince us otherwise.

    The problem lies when we depend solely on the sensationalism of the media, especially TV and radio propaganda, to form our opinion.

  12. Dennis,

    From your comments, it could be inferred that your positive opinion of the "Affordable Health Care Act" is driven by the fact that your insurance premium went down by $ 100 / mo. During that same time, my premium increased twice by substantial amounts. Am I to draw the conclusion that the "Affordable Health Care Act" is solely responsible for the increase? I draw no such conclusion because there is no way for me to know that, just as you cannot know if the legislation had anything to do with your premium decrease.


  13. The only groups that have made outrageous claims about the law are politicians looking for votes and pundits looking for ratings.
    The groups like big pharma, insurance, AHA,AMA, were involved in it's creation. This is why the law is thousands of pages.
    The Obamacare claims have been voted the biggest lies of 2011. Mainly the Medicare and cost lies.

  14. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/...
    This addresses Medicare claims.

  15. Ms. Edmond,

    We are very happy you are getting better and we hope you make a full recovery. However, to your point, you have actually inadvertently made the case for leaving health care alone AND ADDING catastrophic care coverage.

    Most of us understand the exceptions in the health care system - such as you are - but we don't feel that the entire health care system should be 'socialized' to manage the exceptions. A catastrophic illness, such as yours, should be insured. However, that is not the intent of Obamacare.

    This is what we know will happen - over a period of time, when doctors are constrained by the government, both in the type of care they can give & in the amount of income they can earn, many will leave the system and new doctors will not enter.

    The result will be an ever increasing demand on the system and a diminishing supply - a very simple economic fact that will lead to limits to the quantity and quality of healthcare. Then, Ms. Edmond, there will be not be enough oncologists, MRI machines, life saving drugs, etc. to help people such as you. Afterwards, people will suffer more so than with the current system.

    We don't want that. Obamacare will give us that. Therefore, we are against Obamacare.

    Regards and best wishes,

  16. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/27...
    One of local attorneys addressing a multitude of issues.

  17. Purgatory....who says we don't want socialized medicine. Soon we will have 100 million on Medicare and Medicaid. Seems like we want it a lot.
    Helthcare among most HATED industries. United Health ....11th most hated company. Americas largest health related insurer. Why ?? refusing to indemnify members that were Sick. They have paid a fortune in law suits for this reason. Killing people to preserve margins and dividends.

  18. Excluding "ObamaCare" how many Republicans or right wingers said Medicare was a socialist scheme to take over our country? The point being so-called Republicans have been anti public health care of any kind. I know of retired Republicans whining about Medicare but used it to have surgery saving their eye sight and in one case throat cancer. They make comments knocking the "socialized" system that saved their eyesight and life. A bit hypocritical, don't you think?

    Be well Ms. Edmond and ignore those who didn't suffer as you did. You have every right to seek treatment under a bill passed by our president.

  19. Vernos,

    Since when did we become a country where it isn't ok to criticize a program that we are all 'required' to participate in if we choose to use the program we paid for. Are we really that 'rigid'.

    Medicare has big financial problems that are not being addressed. That is an important issue going forward but I am pretty sure that you, like I would make use of a program that we disagreed with if it was available to us and we paid for it.


  20. Donneidia most of the reader sincerely wish you well. Thank you for sharing your problem. I do take issue with Red Rocky-his comments are way out of line. I wonder if this lady was his wife or daughter would he say the same, I think not. Then again maybe he would? I would suggest he "Google" the word SOCIOPATH he might recognize a couple of traits i.e.-"lack of remorse and callous/lack of empathy.

  21. Mr. Heeman ,so let us say we decide not to care for the 50% of the nation with serious chronic illness because of cost. The 20% that consume 80% of health dollars. Santorums daughter consumes millions of dollars and has zero chance of survival beyond a few years. What do you propose we do??
    Hitler killed the sickest to avoid caring for them and to reduce medical costs. I guess that's an option but not very palatable.
    I have spent a great deal of time in Germany and England with family. They have cost issues but nothing compares to the trillions we spend here.
    The latest estimates show 20K per family this year and medical will run 50% of GDP within 20 years.
    Every dollar spent at Walgreens is a dollar that can't be spent on the endless products and services we have in this great country.
    Research why Walmart came out with the 4 buck generic drug and why they are opening clinics all over the country.
    MGM pays 400 million to cover 40000 workers.
    The entire country is hampered by these ridiculous costs.

  22. No matter what good might be in the ACA, the goal of having a universal coverage pool to pay for it was implemented wrong. Just because we may already have unconstitutional laws on the books that attempt to do good, but have never been challenged, doesn't make it right to add yet another.

    Better to fix it now than let it fester.

  23. Michael,

    Much of what was said about Medicare is the same fear tactics used for "ObamaCare", the point being, change in general freaks out conservatives and the stiffed-minded-go-along-with-the-status quo mindset. You can't go to a demonstration holding a sign that says "take your government hands off my Medicare" and expect to be taken seriuosly. Much like one of the clowns posting here bringing up Jeremiah Right and calling Obama a Muslim at the same time. If "ObamaCare" is allowed to play out maybe the cost of health care will finally be stabilized.


  24. If the mandate as implemented is allowed to stand, it will not only be possible to prohibit actions using the Commerce Clause, but to compel them as well.

    That is simply unacceptable in a free society!

    It turns the very foundation laid by our Constitution on its head. The Constitution established a government that had only the powers given it by the people and reserved everything to those same people. This is being reversed so that the government has all the power and is telling the people not only what then can not do, but what they must do.

    Granted, this is needed to a limited extent for any society to function, but the mandate is taking to a whole new level by using the Commerce Clause. Virtually all activity involves commerce in some fashion today, therefore virtually any activity could be prohibited or compelled.

    This must not be allowed.

  25. Vernos,

    I am hereby requesting that all we "stiffed-minded-go-along-with-the-status quo mindset" types pool our meager funds and purchase you a mirror. I assume we will not need to instruct you as to its use.


  26. The current medical care system in this country is abysmal. The wealthy can afford the best of care; the rest, good luck. There is no reasonable excuse for ANYONE in the so called "exceptional" country we live in to be denied medical care. Twenty percent of the people in this country don't know where THEIR NEXT MEAL IS COMING FROM! Does anyone think they can afford adequate medical care? I have been fortunate, so far, to have good health. That is not INSURANCE against poor or failing health. If this country is truly "exceptional", then EVERYONE should have the benefit of comprehensive health insurance, without bankrupting themselves to get it. Voucher systems and other bulls**t "solutions" to the shameful lack of available care for ALL CITIZENS of the United States must be addressed and PAID FOR by a comprehensive and fair system (single payer), which was envisioned, but denied by a cynical and partisan Congress and Senate.

  27. Re Vernos: Pay no mind to the mindless. They don't get it and they never will. As I age, I remember what my father mentioned to me: "I'm glad I'm as old as I am". He was alluding to the general degeneracy of this once proud nation. As I age, I am sorry that I have to agree with his sentiment.

  28. First a disclaimer: I've never voted for a Democrat for President,yet. Voted for Gerald Ford in 1976 while in the Navy, remembered as a child all the stuff we did for Barry Goldwater's campaign. I began volunteering to work for passage of health care reform in 2009. I wrote a letter to the editor last year outlining many of the past Republican efforts to do health care reform, and found a fair share of hypocrisy in their current complaints.

    I think a lot of us were/are motivated by the dysfunctional system we have, it cost too much, lack of coverage for too many people and the poor results we see. I think many understand the competitive disadvantage we have against other developed nations with a lower cost systems, we've seen entire factories moved to Canada as an example.

    What I'm trying to point out is that when the Republicans held the federal government in it's entirety, did they fix the problem? No. Donnedia's position is very clear. She clearly suffered much economic hardship during her illness, as too many do. And the example from our friends in other developed nations prove, the don't have to. I support President Obama for his work to remedy this. I'm neither a conservative or a liberal, I'm just looking forward to a system that provides health care at a price our nation can afford. "ObamaCare" is but the first version, healthcare 1.0. It needs to be an evolving solution or we risk being dragged down by rising costs and poor health.

    I must say if you want to expand your viewpoint, a reality check if you will, you need to do something:
    Volunteer! Nothing brings you back to reality than to engage the public. Donnedia , I and many others are working hard to register voters, and that's voters of any party or background! So here's a challenge for the "other" side. Let's meet at a neutral location and register voters together, Nevada seems to support registering voters of all backgrounds, what do you say?

  29. Let's get something straight: the PPACA (Obamacare) is NOT about health care reform, it is about health insurance reform. It focuses almost entirely upon access to insurance coverage.

    But access to coverage or care (by having coverage) is only part of the equation.

    There are two more parts that are inextricably linked to access. These are quality of care, and cost of care. Together the three parts form the so-called "Iron Triangle" of health care delivery. It is the same as a similar triangle that every engineer knows well: Fast, Reliable, Cheap, pick two.

    By focusing on access Obamacare of necessity ensures either high cost or low quality. What's worse, it attempted to use an unconstitutional mechanism to implement access.

    This has done a great disservice to the American people.

    There is nothing wrong with the goals. In fact, the man who had a great amount of influence on our Founding Fathers, John Locke, often included "Health" along with "life, liberty, and property" as the most important natural rights of a free people. Ben Franklin founded the first public hospital in this country. And Dr. Benjamin Rush, another Founding Father, had this to say: "Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship " [allowing this to happen would be] un-American and despotic."

    Universal health care is not bad, but it must be done in such a way so as not to rend the fabric of our freedom as PPACA will do if it is allowed to remove almost all meaning from the Commerce Clause.

  30. A single payer solution is the answer. F**k the "Commerce Clause". Anyone who is employed in the "Private Sector" is already paying for Medicare, and it is a MANDATE, not a "tax". It may appear on your pay statement as a tax, but it isn't.

  31. ressince73,

    That is the point, Medicare is a *tax* that every person with an income pays into at the same rate. Bastardizing the Commerce Clause in this fashion would set a terrible precedent that must not be tolerated.

    Do it right!

  32. Another argument against Obamacare is that it is "Socialism".

    Remember that Police, Fire and the US Military are also forms of socialism. Would anyone want a privatized Air Force with nuclear weapons under individual executive control? (These are the guys who plan their Birthday parties in Cancun). Access to management decisions about the use of those weapons would be illegal because the company is "Privately Owned".

    How about "Nukes managed by Koch" (NYSE: NMBK). The world would be a different place if Koch Industries managed America's nuclear arsenal. In particular, if Koch ran the Air Force as a dividend paying company, no one would recognize the middle east as it is today.

    Would anyone want to see a sign over the central Metro Police Station that says "Under New Management"? Complete with the new company's IPO coming out on the New York Stock Exchange...(NYSE: LVMPD) "Buy stock, help the cops." (It does have a novel ring, could be a winner.)

    Elements of socialism are necessary with any civilization. Social Darwinism is the key philosophy that describes Capitalism, not social safety nets. This is where the fittest have the most money, power and control and to hell with those weak of knees.

    No wonder the GOP is so hung on religion - they need it to wipe away their own guilt complexes.

  33. I am ambivalent at this point. National Healthcare as designed by partisans is a poor solution.

    Why can't they just put all who need Cat or long term care on Medicare with a quarterly premium? One simple bill with no big partisan blather. We figure out the cost on a straight line method from one source. No fuss, no muss, and the insurance sector does not turn into an IRS minion.

    There is a need in America for catastrophic care; we need to figure out how to provide the care. We need to do so effectively and quickly.

    I heard woeful stories when Medicare was announced. BUT they did not all come true and it works. Has it cost more than planned? Yes it has. Does it save lives of those who otherwise would die? Yes it does. It has saved my life and that of many of my friends and that is nothing small to me.

    Cancer treatment or Renal dialysis treatment for one month is so costly it runs out private insurance maximums quickly. Without Medicare many people with these treatable conditions would simply die.

    Ignorant comments or being hard hearted is one thing but partisanship without logic on this subject is vile.

    It appears the main thing that national Healthcare has done, so far, is take money away from Medicare in the name of improving Medicare...nice but ineffective at the stated goal.

    National Healthcare is a dinosaur trying to be a dairy cow. It may want to provide milk but it ain't designed to do so.

  34. SunJon,

    Rather than saying that the Police, Fire Department and Military are elements of socialism I would say they are examples of what I call enlightened self-interest. (The same is true of public education and roads.) Every person benefits equally by having these services. They are therefore proper areas for government to be involved.

    Universal health care could possibly be put in the same category, but it needs a rigorous argument to prove this before it will be acceptable to rational people as a logical necessity. I would like to see such.

    Pure welfare programs such as food stamps probably fall under the heading of charity which is an entirely different debate.

  35. teamster,

    No, we don't. We have some coverage through my work, but it is not good, to put it mildly. I have to pay full retail for non-generic drugs such as Plavix.

    Because of my medical history (three heart attacks, a triple bypass and four stents) it is impossible for me to get coverage other than through a work plan. In addition, one of my daughters was born deaf and her condition is never covered.

    Will I take advantage of anything I can to provide for my family? Hell yes! But that is only because I have paid my share for decades and have earned the right to do so.

    My daughter, as of yesterday, is now on Medicaid because she was disabled by a stroke a little over a year ago and my income was cut significantly at the start of this year. We will get very, very little money from SSI Disability for her, but the Medicaid will cover the co-pay for her therapy. That is the important thing.

    I have no qualms at all about doing this since I earned it. But please take note, we could have gotten Medicaid for her a year ago, but my income was sufficient for us not to need it.

    So you see, I speak from personal experience as well as belief. I have very strong reasons for wanting this to be done right and not as some "feel good" project for bleeding hearts.

  36. PS - My daughter is now 11 years old. She spent her 10th birthday at Sunrise Children's literally fighting for her life at the time and Christmas at Health South learning how to move her left leg. She still can not move her left arm.

    Do I want the best for her? Of course! She will get whatever I can provide. But just as her being deaf has not stopped her from being productive, neither will this. She will earn her way in society with or without its help.

    She has a brain and is more than capable of using it.

  37. teamster,

    The law isn't right, at least one part of it is unconstitutional, in my opinion, and will set the stage for far worse actions by Congress if it is allowed to stand.

    I value my children's future liberty as much as them. I want them to have at least as much as I have had.

    I simply can not accept the ACA as it stands today.

    Ben Franklin said those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither. That doesn't only mean physical security.

  38. teamster,

    Social Security is a tax that everyone who has an income pays at the exact same rate. Auto insurance or an equivalent bond is something that states, not the federal government, mandates if you choose to drive a car.

    The ACA individual mandate is the federal government trying to compel you to purchase a product from a private company, whether you want it or not. There is a huge difference there.

    Ben Franklin would probably complain about another tax but would pay if it levied by the elected representatives of the people. I doubt very much he would buy something from a private company that he did not want. (Either that, or he would get into the business himself so he could join in the feeding frenzy. He was a bit of a scoundrel.)

    It's very simple, President Obama and the Democrats didn't have the courage to do this the right way with a public option. Instead, they decided to give the insurance companies a gift with the individual mandate. Believe me, the insurance companies are going to be making more money than ever with this and we *STILL* will see the cost of actual health care going up every year with no end in sight.

    Ask yourself this: why does Big Pharma charge customers in other countries less for the exact same drugs than they do those of us here in the US? How is it possible to buy Plavix (which is manufactured by only one company and has no generic) for considerably less from Canada than you can here?

    That is why health care is so expensive. We are subsidizing the entire world with the high prices we pay here. (And that is the *exact* same reason we have a much larger military budget than anyone else. Most of the free world depends upon us to provide the muscle while they spend their money on other things.)

    As I said earlier, the ACA has almost nothing to address the actual cost of health care itself. It deals only with health insurance.

    Yes, the ACA has provisions that will help people, but at what cost? And the most expensive part won't be paid with money.

  39. Joe,

    As trite as you say it is, the story does have all too much truth behind it. Over-testing is a very real contributing factor to the rising cost of health care delivery.

    When was the last time you went to a doctor's office that was capable of doing its own simple lab work, or even taking the samples? In my more recent experience, say 1- 15 years, a trip to the doctor for even a routine checkup results in referrals to at least three other places for lab work tests.

    I recall a trip to the doctor once in 1995 when I had a bad case of the flu. I had stayed home for three days fighting it, but my wife forced me to go in. I told the doctor what I was doing for it and after a basic exam he gave me two choices.

    The first was to send me to a couple of labs for tests and wait for a couple of days for the results to come back. The second was to just do what I was doing and it would probably be gone in another couple or three days anyway. You can guess which option I took.

    Now that is my kind of doctor. That was also the last time I ever came across a doctor who didn't insist on having test done (which I routinely ignore now.)

  40. For airweare:

    I'm not sure if you need to apologize for your joke. I personally enjoyed it. And, with your kind permission, I am going to relate it to my no good friends.

    Laughter is the best medicine. As well as a will to live.

    After all, life is kinda funny, when you come to think of it.

    Taking a chance at revealing something personal about me and to fortify what I have said, I will relate what transpired in the doctor's office and the ghastly humor that happened regarding making a decision about my cancer removal.

    About five years ago, my doctor told me I have a deep invasion of squamous carcinoma in my nose. It was so deep that immediate operation was needed (followed later by chemo and radiation therapy).

    I asked the doctor if it was life threatening.

    The doctor told me seriously, yes, it's either lose your nose or lose your life, and he apologized to me that I need to make a decision, and make it quick, we don't have much more time. Thinking was over with, time for action.

    My response was (verbatim), "Well, I guess I'm not going to be nosy anymore."

    We both laughed.

    True story.

    Laughter is the best medicine.

    I'm living proof.

    I'm cancer free now. The fungus is not among us anymore. I fought it and won.

    I'm still walking this earth here in Las Vegas.

    The letter writer, I'm pretty sure would agree with me about laughter, a sense of humor and the will to live.

    We got that.

    The Affordable Care Act just helps with everything else.

    America needs it. Badly. Don't care how it happens. Just do it. Lives are at stake.

  41. Rationing: We've always had it. Each family and each household must make priority decisions. And can we all agree that the government CANNOT take all GDP and spend it as only the government knows how? So with whatever funding taxpayers put into public health care we must prioritize. Do we spend a million of more on a terminal patient OR do we spend it on dental care and out-patient procedures for a couple dozen adults in pain? It's is soooo past time to deal with the excessive and endless end-of-life trauma, revival, life support treatments that are bankrupting our health care funding. Death with dignity of guinea pigs for every doctors pocket book?