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Letter to the editor:

Let casinos sell lottery tickets

Sat, Apr 7, 2012 (2:02 a.m.)

I found the article about a lottery in Nevada interesting. I am a snowbird from Ohio who would like to add his two cents to this discussion.

I believe you could satisfy both groups (pro and con) by legalizing a lottery and allowing only casinos to sell the tickets.

The casinos would get 6 percent, the state would get 44 percent for education, and the balance would be for payoffs.

If this doesn’t work, there is something else of which this Buckeye is ignorant.

Still, I love it here with or without a lottery!

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  1. It might make sense to have a lottery here.As people flock to the Cailfornia and Arizona borders to buy that states lottery tickets. This Is all lost revenue for our state. And as the letter writer points out that casinos could be the places to buy these lottery tickets. The increased traffic would bring a lot of people to these casinos that do not ever go into them. Foot traffic creates all sorts of business for the casinos.

  2. Enjoyed the letter. This is a rather novel idea, but I totally disagree with it.

    If this were to happen, by letting casinos sell lottery tickets, and permitting them to keep six percent, they would turn around and use that money to pay their required State gaming tax.

    So, following that reasoning, not sure if anyone else sees this, but you are basically giving Nevada gaming a tax subsidy. A tax subsidy they don't deserve nor need.

    It's like rewarding them for doing nothing.

    If you ask me, they don't deserve that privilege.

    Take the casinos out of that equation and let the State run it.

    We don't need to reward them by making them the "middle man," and give them money for essentially doing nothing other than being there.

    They'd just screw it up and complain they aren't making any money and ask for even more tax breaks...tax breaks they don't deserve at all. It's just feeding their insatiable appetites for moh money, moh money, moh money.

    But, anyways, all this is moot anyways. The simple fact is that casinos WILL NEVER let a State lottery happen. They will spend oodles and oodles of money to lobbyists to make sure that never ever happens in Nevada. Why? Because casino owners believe to their very soul that makes people gamble on stuff other than coming into their casinos. They feel they are entitled to it, their God given right to be the only gambling in Nevada. So, it's basically a dead issue. Always has been and always will be here in Nevada.

  3. Oy, vey! It seems the gambling addicts just can't get enough action to relieve their desire to empty their wallets even in a 24/7 gambling environment. Hey, dorks, play Keno! It might satify your lust for losing!

  4. A lottery could and/or would help fund education in this state. Why is it being overlooked? Not having a lottery is another example of the wealthy power brokers controlling legislation. Our gov't. is slowly being bought up by these corporations (now deemed as "people") and many of you are ignoring that fact.

  5. Governments shouldn't be in the Gambling business.

    Even liberals are upset at the poor spending their money (in some cases welfare money) on an extreme long shot.

    The fact that Nevada has legalized casinos that pay a gambling tax, use in most part for schools, is different from the State of Nevada running a gambling enterprise..... AKA a Lottery.

  6. Golly, Carmine - I agree with you again today!!

    When Illinois instituted the lottery, the people bought the idea because we were told the money would go for education, like ALL the money. Well guess what? Only about a 1/4 of it did; the rest was used for administrative purposes and whenever and wherever the State needed money for something else. I don't even know if it is an issue any longer since we've had the lottery for so long and perhaps now the majority of the money DOES go for education.....maybe.

    @ fosimmons: I'm sure a few States DO use the proceeds for what it was intended for, but trust me - most do NOT. Do you REALLY think Nevada would use the money for it's intended purpose, like education??? The State will get it's share regardless...and then some.

  7. Ok Frank, how about:




    Or a ton of other examples you can get with a simple google search.

    The bottom line is that in EVERY state that has approved a lottery to "benefit education" there has been a net result of existing education funding being redirected once the lottery money comes in. No state has seen an appreciable net increase in education spending as the result of instituting a state lottery.

    Florida, which was YOUR example, has had a net DECREASE in per student spening on education since the lottery was approved in 1986.

  8. I am always amused how someone will point out it is former President George Bushs' fault when it has zero connection to the subject at hand, but I digress.. as the poster said " In fact, it's quite stupid"

    The lottery will not hurt the casino ( In Florida and many other states that had lottery the casinos have been making their way in to those non casino states, so it proves the lottery has nothing to do with the way casinos do business), and in fact make those who pay no taxes actually "pay taxes" to support the education system thru the purchase of tickets, and like Florida lower the burden on those who pay the taxes now.

  9. Lottery is a waste of taxpayer funds knowing the welfare recipients along with other public welfare assistance funds would be used to purchase tickets. They'll find another way to scam us and suck off the taxpayers all the name of wanting something else for nothing.