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Letter to the editor:

There’s too much at stake not to vote

Thu, Feb 23, 2012 (2 a.m.)

In a Feb. 15 letter, “Frustrated about whether to vote,” Stuart Weiss expressed his frustration with voting when he sees significant money supporting candidates he does not like and with the complexities of issues going through Congress. I sympathize with Mr. Weiss and many times have been discouraged about the choice of candidates, the large amounts of money that appear to swing elections as well as the complexity of the issues today.

Most everyone is just trying to survive right now and has little time to educate themselves about all the issues that affect us. But if we don’t do that, we leave the decisions that will significantly affect our lives and children’s lives to others who may not have our best interests at heart.

This coming election will be the most important I have seen in my life. On one hand we have a chance to elect someone who may possibly steer us back to what America was meant to be, and on the other a chance to continue down the path toward a socialistic society in which government controls every aspect of life. I strongly encourage Mr. Weiss and everyone else to take some time to familiarize themselves with what is going on in this country and then vote in the election. Democracy, by its very nature, is a messy process, but it is better than the alternatives.

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  1. Most Americans would be alot better off if we worried less about whether or not President Obama is leading the country too far to the left or an R, if elected would take us too far to the right.

    President Obama has given clear indications that his plan to address the deficit spending and debt we face is to tax his way out of it and do precious little on reducing spending.

    The R candidates ideas seem to revolve around less regulation and reducing taxes as a means to address the debt and deficit spending. They also tend to be less than specific on exactly how they would cut spending.

    Whether President Obama wins re-election or an R wins, we cannot allow these half measures proposed by each side to be all that they enact. They are wholly inadequate to address the massive problems we have.... and I think many of us know it.... although we tend to be unwilling to express it.


  2. Dennis,

    I have alot of belief that if President Obama is re-elected to a 2nd term and continues the same policies, the election following will be much like 2008, when the R's, having held the White House for 8 years, had virtually no chance in the 2008 election, no matter who they had run.

    The truth is that in 8 years, former President Bush did not make much of an attempt to deal 'effectively' with government finances. The first term under Obama has shown little progress in 'effectively' dealing with our finances. If he follows the same course in a 2nd term, no D will stand a chance in 2016.


  3. "On one hand we have a chance to elect someone who may possibly steer us back to what America was meant to be, and on the other a chance to continue down the path toward a socialistic society in which government controls every aspect of life."

    I have questions. Who decided what America was meant to be and why should we act on their vision of their future rather than our own? Shouldn't we resist control of every aspect of life whether that control is exercised by government or the stealthy action of moneyed private interests?

    The letter would indicate that the writer sees his choices clearly from his point of view. He raises the specter of "socialism" to incite fear and aligns himself those who might define any action to benefit the masses as Unamerican.

    The United States is not a business, it is a people. We are all in this together. If we want the best for our country, we need to select a course that benefits the maximum number of its citizens not just the fictional "job creators".

  4. Give Emperor Osama Obama another four years and his record of waffling, bowing and scraping to foreign leaders will accelerate; America will continue on its downward spiral and the freedoms we have taken for granted will be whittled down even further. His "(mis)management" will result in continued record prices for energy, record spending, record deficits, record unemployment, record levels of poverty and record losses of equity for homeowners. Don't let his toothy Cheshire Cat grin fool you! He's an incompetent, inexperienced and dangerous buffoon who is leading America down the garden path towards a Socialist Utopia. One that does not exist and will destroy the America some of us are old enough to remember!

  5. wtplv - "President Obama has given clear indications that his plan to address the deficit spending and debt we face is to tax his way out of it and do precious little on reducing spending."


    Obama signs payroll tax cut extension into law, includes jobless benefits


    Obama proposes cutting corporate tax rate to 28% from 35%

    Steven Saterlie - "On one hand we have a chance to elect someone who may possibly steer us back to what America was meant to be, and on the other a chance to continue down the path toward a socialistic society in which government controls every aspect of life."

    You bet you are confused if you buy into that socialism nonsense. Take a closer look at the party screaming about a smaller government. They want to kill the EPA, education, and a few other goverment programs, but will decide what people can vote, what women can take birth control, what sex adults can have in privacy. They will force women who were raped to have unwanted children. Virginia tried to have women forcibly probed vaginally before having an abortion. If the men deciding these issues were forced to get anal probes before buying viagra, those proposals would die before a vote was taken.

    Misdirecting the voter by playing on socialism is what's happening by the right. It's actually a reverse role because it is the right who wants to control what individual rights people hold. Evolution is very real and Santorum and his ilk is the proof of a knuckle walking de-evolving neanderthal mentality. If leftup to them we'd have another Inquisition deeming which Christians are true or better Christians. Protestants should be looking over their shoulders based on what Santorum said just a few years ago.

  6. RefNV - Where's your sense of humor?

  7. RefNV - As I understand you, it's OK for Republican men to make decisions about women's reproductive choices, but it's not OK for Democratic women to make decisions about men's reproductive choices. Is that about right?

    As for the rest of it, save the Class Warfare propoganda for someone who doesn't know better.

  8. RevNV...

    You have WAAAAY to much time on your hands.

    You & Mr. Castler think this is some kind of competition, & that your 'job' is to dissuade others of their beliefs.

    This is the comment section of a newspaper; not debate class.

    We read an article or an editorial, & we comment as to our take on it... our 'take' is not really an invitation to debate you. Sure, a little back and forth is fine; good even...but this ain't Debate Bowl.

    What you need is your own, personal BLOG!

    Whatever your political persuasion, people...
    Get out and VOTE!

  9. RefNV - "Vernos, Here is a collection of your anti-capitalist comments on LVS(the link to each comment is below):"

    As usual you people miss the point. If we practiced true capitalism those items you listed wouldn't be in quotation. It's my form of sarcasm seeing what the "capitalists" are doing to our country and the rest of the world. You have the Koch brothers bypassing sanctions on Iran and Goldman Sachs cooking the books in Greece. When did that become capitalism? You'd be better off paying attention to the handful of billionaires who've just contributed huge amounts of funds to the present set of candidates. What are these store bought politicians willing to pay off when the big bucks call in their chips? Our democracy is being bought and sold and you worry about some socialistic fantasy driven by certain media. The take over of the United States by corporatocracy is happening right under your nose. It's called miss direction and you've been hooked by your paranoia/hate of liberals and Obama.

  10. Somehow I led Mr. Saterlie astray about whether I should vote. I shall. My intent was to question the usefulness of my meager contributions when one man or corporation can give millions.

  11. The payroll tax cut and unemployment benefit extension are not paid for and add to the deficit. I'm ok with the President proposing them, as long as he either raises taxes somewhere or cuts spending somewhere else to balance the costs. He's like Bush.... provide a benefit... put the cost on the credit card. Why can't you see that and realize we can't keep doing it?

    As for the corporate tax rate cut, it's a broad proposal, not anything specific. Vernos, I can guarantee you that if a specific proposal comes out, the proposal will include spending more money somewhere else in exchange for the cuts. This is the game Obama plays.

    Just like Bush, Obama knows that if we really raise taxes on enough Americans to make a difference, or really cut spending enough to make a difference, it will be VERY unpopular.

    We need someone who understands the risks we are at isn't afrid to do some things that are really unpopular. Bush wasn't that guy. Obama isn't that guy.


  12. Yes. We definitely have 2 choices next fall. A return to the failed right wing foreign and economic policies of George W Bush or forward with president Obama. I'll take the current president on this one. I can say with absolute certainty that Ben laden would prefer Bush over Obama. :)

  13. Future - "Obama came out today for an all of the above strategy that includes more oil and gas."

    Facts mean little to you and other Obama haters. There are three times as many oil wells being drilled since Obama was elected and imports of foreign oil are at a 16 year low. Gas prices are going up because of the stock market speculators worrying about events in the middle east. You would know that if you gathered information from real news sources and not some propaganda channel.

  14. The conservatives like to blame Obama for the great recession. But those darn facts keep getting in the way. The great recession started in December 2007 not January 2009 as those rascals sure do keep trying to pin it on Obama though.

    If you need a reminder why voting is important, please refer to the presidential election of 2000, And the disaster of a Bush presidency compliments of the supreme court and Kathleen Harris.

  15. 1. Who is more likely to make the tough decisions? A second-term President, or a first-term President, elected in a divisive year, desperate to hold onto his elected office? Mr. Casler has maligned politicians in the past for selling themselves out for campaign contributions. How is Mitt Romney any different, and haven't his most recent actions with SuperPACs proven he is a typical politician?

    2. Given your prior revelation that you attended a Mitt Romney campaign rally, Mr. Casler, do you believe Romney is actually willing to do anything that's unpopular? To the contrary, he has shown himself quite adept at twirling like a weathervane at the slightest wind. I believe your faith is misplaced.

    3. Given that the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefit extension was written and passed by the Congress, isn't it shortsighted to give Obama all the blame? For someone who regularly criticized the liberal commentors for ignoring the actions of elected Democrats, shouldn't you also hold yourself to that standard and share the blame with the party which controls the House of Representatives?

    4. Given the campaign rhetoric of the House GOP who were elected under the Tea Party banner in 2010, isn't it a gross violation of their constituents' trust that the House caved in without even a whimper to a deficit-financed extension of benefits? Why haven't you criticized them for that?

    5. Isn't it dishonest to imply Obama didn't propose raising revenue to pay for the extension when he's proposed and supported a tax surcharge on millionaires for over a year? Wouldn't it also be dishonest to blame Obama for Congress failing to take action?

    6. How can one remain straight-faced when Gogo accuses Obama of "systematically destroying the economy?" Since the bottom of the Bush Recession in 2008, we've seen steady improvement. Unemployment is down. Consumer confidence is being restored. The stock market is soaring. 23 straight months of job growth. GDP is growing. Even Fox News is reporting these facts, Gogo.

    7. The price of oil in the futures market is not solely determined by supply, but by demand as well. As the economy has recovered, demand has increased, and fuel prices have increased in response. Furthermore, to blame prices on the drumbeat of war on Iran but to ignore your party's complicity in beating that particular drum proves you're quite deaf when it comes to the actions of your party, Gogo. With Tucker Carlson, who you are apparently a fan, calling for Iran to be "annihilated," when will you call on your party to tone down the rhetoric? After all, that rhetoric has caused a spike in the price of oil in the futures market!