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Letter to the editor:

Health care foes’ motive transparent

Thu, Jul 12, 2012 (2:01 a.m.)

I do not understand why Republicans and the tea party are so against the Affordable Care Act. Why are they against kids and people with pre-existing conditions getting insurance coverage? Why are they against seniors on Medicare getting prescription discounts and closing their donut hole? Why are they against eliminating lifetime caps on coverage? Why are they against kids up to age 26 staying on their parents’ insurance plan when they are having trouble finding jobs and insurance for themselves?

The great things this constitutional law provides can go on and on.

So what if people now have a mandate to buy insurance? Frankly, people who can afford insurance and refuse to buy it are deferring their emergency room costs to taxpayers, medical facilities and the people who have insurance. That is not a choice of freedom versus tyranny as some on the right suggest but a burden to this country.

The mandate states everyone needs to buy insurance. Those who can afford it have to buy it, and those who can’t get a subsidy to help them purchase it. If anyone fails to purchase insurance, they’re assessed a penalty. However, the IRS doesn’t have authority to charge or penalize someone for not paying. So in essence there is no mandate, really. So again, why are Republicans and the tea party so upset about this law? Oh, wait, I know the answer: It’s to make President Barack Obama a one-term president. Wasn’t that their only priority?

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  1. As I've said before: People who oppose the Affordable Care Act are, in my opinion, incapable of "seeing the forest for the trees".

  2. Most Americans, Republicans as the letter writer calls them, are not against the intent of the Obama Health Care Law. They're skeptical about the way it was passed. No fair and open debate. Do Americans want health care coverage for all in need? Yes, of course. Should taxpayers pay for it? By the Congressional Budget Office's scoring, 21 new/increased taxes, fees and penalties costing Americans about $600 billion dollars. Maybe yes, maybe no. Let's have the debate. Let taxpayers decide. President Obama and House and Senate Democrats don't want to have this debate and never have. Perhaps Romney-Obama debates will.


  3. It's a election year everything is fair game for both parties, whether it is good for the American people or not.If points are to be made for the party, then the battle call is Attack,Attack, at all costs.We the voters are forgetting it's not us they are interested in helping,it's winning the election no matter what the issue is.The affordable care act is on everyone's mind, so it get's the most spin at this time.

  4. If Obamacare and Romneycare,(affordable care act)were identical in every way, without a once of difference,they the Republicans would still be calling for it to be repealed. They might be saying what worked for Massachusetts,will not work for the nation. Time to wake up and smell the roses.

  5. Elaine,

    People who 'really' understand the health care / insurance issue (and few really do), don't concentrate on the mandate, pre-existing conditions, staying on the parents policy until you are 26, caps, etc.

    The 'real' problem is that costs are too high already and rise too fast. That IS what leaves alot of people without coverage.

    The ACA does not address the rising costs; it just transfers those rising costs to the taxpayers, and that doesn't solve the problem.

    I actually think (as most others do) that the eliminating the coverage cap, covering kids until they are 26 under their parents policy, eliminating the drug donit hole, eliminating denial for pre-existing conditions, and several other parts of the ACA are worthwhile.

    However, logic tells me if there is nothing in the ACA to control the rising costs of health care, all the positive things it offers will be unsustainable due to the quickly rising costs that are not addressed.

    That's the problem and all the other crap put out by the D's, the R's and their foolish supporters is just a bunch of nonesense.


  6. House Republicans have voted to repeal 'Obamacare' more than 30 times.

    They have voted to replace it 0 times.

    "Republicans will find the task of writing their "replace" law even more agonizing than the Democrats found original passage. The party has no internal consensus on what a replacement would look like. Worse, any replacement of the law's popular elements will require financing. But where is that money to come from? New taxes are unacceptable. The proceeds of "closing loopholes" are already spoken for -- that's how President Romney has promised to finance his promise to cut the top rate of tax 28 percent. And he's also promised to increase defense spending."

    - Republican pundit and former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum.

    You can't just waive your hand and fix our healthcare system, yet the GOP rank-and-file refuse to ask for details.


    The GOP promised to repeal and replace the ACA. That was in 2010.

    Where's the GOP plan?

    Why hasn't it passed the House?

  7. Ms. Harman,

    I am neither a Republican nor a member of the Tea Party, but I suggest that you get out of the trees and look at the forest. Yours is a false argument to use a few exceptions to change an entire system.

    Any sane American citizen should be against a Federal Government operated health cares system. Why would we want to take the greatest system in the history of the world and -- in the name of fairness -- create one that will be much more costly and provide much lesser quality?

    Ms. Harman, I assume you are sane, and as such, I will await patiently for your answer.


  8. I can answer Ms. Harman's question:
    "I do not understand why Republicans and the tea party are so against the Affordable Care Act. " It is because they are insane and stupid. QED.

  9. "Those who are willing to give up freedom for security, deserve neither." Harman does not see what is really at stake here. This is not about "health care" so much as it is about maintaining the freedoms we have as individuals; the freedoms millions have died to preserve. Harman, who obviously thinks short term, would give those sacrifices short shrift so she can utilize Lynus's "security blankey" to hide her head in. What's next, Harman, some politico going to try to stop us from drinking beverages in containers larger than 16 ounces? Oh, wait, that's being done as we speak!

  10. Let's start with the assumption that the law adds 30 million Americans who are uninsured to the rolls of health care coverage. Now, let's substract the 15 million who were to be added by States' Medicaid expansion. So the result is 15 million more Americans in the health market for services and doctors. Where are the doctors to meet the demand? What happens when demand exceeds supply. Prices rise OR services prviously paid for and provided to those already in the market are refused/denied services. Or likely both.


  11. "I'll so enjoy seeing an IRS agent next time i'm sick.'

    With 16,000 new IRS hires, although the Feds are keeping the number and costs close their vest, you likely stand a better chance of seeing and hearing from the IRS agency than a doctor.


  12. Kevin,

    I like your letter. It calls the R's out for proposing nothing specific to replace the ACA.

    When we have 30 million people that utilize health care services but don't have insurance it stands to reason that many of the bills they run up won't be paid by them.

    R's have put forth no detailed plan but that alone is not a reason to support the ACA. Under the ACA health care costs will continue to rise faster than anything else with no end in sight.

    We can't add all these new features under the ACA, insure 30 million more people and not do anything to control the fast rising costs of health care and not expect alot of the costs to be placed directly onto the tax payer.

    We need a better plan, better legislation to modify our health care system.


  13. True or false, the cost of health care was a runaway train wreck?

    Prior to the Affordable Care Act estimates would put health care costs at 20%, one fifth, of our GDP by 2017.

    We need to start somewhere to control costs and to date Republicans came up with a goose egg, zero, zip, nothing. They wasted $50 million of our taxes in an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. I wonder, how many school lunches could be supplied or under nourished children can be fed on $50 million? How many teachers would still have jobs if these idiots on the Hill didn't waste their time and our money on 31 bogus votes.

    These guys should be embarrased and ashamed of collecting a salary at all. I doubt their children go hungry or are in need of health care and dental care.

    A very good letter Ms. Harman, thanks.

  14. "Why are they against kids and people with pre-existing conditions getting insurance coverage?"

    Harman -- maybe because your letter is incredibly simple on this topic. The bill creating this law was way over 2,000 pages long, any sentence on its own can create untold problems. The law also forced people into contracts, ignoring the bedrock principle no contract is valid without all parties being willing and able to agree to all terms.

    "That's the problem and all the other crap put out by the D's, the R's and their foolish supporters is just a bunch of nonesense."

    wtplv -- you posted good points

    "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from your government and I'm here to help.'" -- the late President Ronald Reagan

  15. Healthcare in this country has become a multitrillion dollar disaster because many don't pay their own medical bills. Nearly 100,000,000 Americans are either on Medicare or Medicaid which means taxpayers to a large extent foot the bill. Many others have employers that pay for their incredibly expensive insurance which is now approaching $20,000 a year for a family.

    If people had to pay for this crap out of their own pockets the system would've changed 30 years ago.

    When I was paying for my sons asthma medication he never thought about healthcare in America. Now that he has to pay the $442 a month for Symbicort and Singulair it is is a whole different story.
    Recent reports reflect that healthcare will be 50% of GDP within 20 years. That will put most major US corporations out of business. In addition the American dental Association came out with a report two weeks ago that said there are 100 million Americans that can no longer afford even something as simple as dental care.

    In terms of pre-existing conditions. Due to obesity and our lousy living habits half the country is struggling with things like diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and many other infirmities. They go broke trying to pay for medical care and end up on Medicaid.

  16. The Chinese are spending $5 trillion building clinics from one end of China to the next so people with injuries and chronic ailments can get low-cost care. I think it's a great idea. There were 123 million emergency room visits last year. We have lost a quarter of our emergency rooms in the last 25 years because it's not a profitable business. Many pay nothing and most emergency rooms are on the brink of bankruptcy. Send all these people local clinics and charge 20 bucks.

    The affordable care act is a decent start but it's going to take decades to straighten out this mess. The German healthcare system was put into place in the 1860s. They're still working on getting the bugs out. They're having problems because Germans are living longer than anyone anticipated.

  17. This country is loaded with shysters. I worked radar 30 years ago. You'd be amazed at how many people don't have drivers licenses or car insurance. Then when they get caught they beg for break. Many of the 50 million people will never buy insurance. They're part of the deadbeat class. But there's only so much you can do with these idiots. States like Texas have millions of them. A while back the American Hospital Association told Perry that if he didn't enact a law allowing them to charge for emergency room visits they would never build another hospital in Texas again. Try to get free emergency room care in Texas today. Now the deadbeats from Texas are going to other states.

  18. The biggest PROBLEM with ACA is that it is enabling insurance companies and medical professionals to bill us into oblivion and do nothing to improve quality of care, health, service delivery..... You think there is fraud or abuse now? Give it a couple of years. Costs will skyrocket compared to the past decade which will then be considered minimal increases. There is no reason insurance companies cannot retain policy changes such as existing conditions, dependent kids to age 26 and such. Actually, much of Congress would insist on those reforms.

  19. While speaking to the NAACP this morning Vice President Joe Biden said, "this ain't your father's Republican Party." He is absolutely correct. It's glaringly obvious this GOP lacks empathy for American citizens. They would prefer to have a women carry a rapist's baby than to allow her to go for an abortion. They would prefer to have women become ill or possibly die by defunding Planned Parenthood, a program that provides women with cancer screenings and treatments. They would prefer to have low income children go hungry by cutting back on SNAP programs.

    Paraphrasing Ed Rollins, a life long Republican who worked for Reagan, "the Republican Party reduced themselves to a bunch of fat, old, white men."

  20. VidiVeritas - "Every year income tax evaders cost the U.S. government $100,000,000,000 in needed tax revenues."

    Just last year over 1,750 wealthy Americans gave up their citizenship to avoid taxes. Incredible, being that taxes are the lowest they've been in 30 years. I guess the worship of the golden calf in the form of the almighty dollar demands more obedience than American patriotism.

  21. Vernos,

    You're right. The R's have offered nothing regarding health care. The problem is that the ACA doesn't control Health Care costs. It covers more people and provides more benefits but doesn't contain enough new revenue to pay for it all and doesn't reign in the rising costs.

    What do you expect will happen when costs for the ACA far outstrip revenue? There are only 3 choices: (print and borrow more money and add it to the debt) or (ration services) or (raise taxes).

    I hear you and agree about the R's, but instead of being satified with poorly crafted legislation, we should all insist that both parties work together for real solution.


  22. From USA Today on 8/29/2011 ( http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/... ):
    "WASHINGTON -- New government statistics show federal health care fraud prosecutions in the first eight months of 2011 are on pace to rise 85% over last year due in large part to ramped-up enforcement efforts under the Obama administration.

    The statistics, released by the non-partisan Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, show 903 prosecutions so far this year. That's a 24% increase over the total for all of fiscal year 2010, when 731 people were prosecuted for health fraud through federal agencies across the country. Prosecutions have gone up 71% from five years ago, according to TRAC"

    Let's grant that 85% is almost double. What should be shocking is not that there has been a dramatic increase in relative terms, but that there is such a LOW number of prosecutions still in absolute numbers! Someone earlier said that about 100 million people are on Medicare or Medicaid. To think that about 1000 prosecutions even begins to scratch the surface of how many are engaged in fraud seems beyond belief. 1000 cases is only .001% of the total number of recipients.

    I'm sorry, but I have nowhere near that much faith that humans are basically honest when it comes to getting "free" government money.

  23. The Mother of all Government Frauds was the Iraq War. It was the most expensive war ever fought, more expensive than WWII in 2012 dollars. There were no biological or chemical weapons, no nuclear program, no nerve gas and above all, NO Al Qaeda. Bin Laden wanted Saddam Hussein too.

    And who created all this debt?

    When Reagan took office, the N.D. was $1.03 trillion. When Jr. Bush left office, the N.D. was $10.7 trillion, a $9.67 trillion increase. Clinton's contribution to the N.D. was $1.2 trillion, 11.2% of the total.

    Therefore, in 28 years, 3 GOP Presidents created 88.8% of the total National Debt!!!

    There is no debate. The debt is caused by War and Defense Spending, not medicare or 'entitlements'.

  24. SunJon,

    Be fair, what is the current national debt? What are the percentages after you add in what has been added since Obama took office?

    Presidents from *both* major parties don't know when to put the federal credit card away.

  25. Boftx,

    Excellent point! The shear numbers of people that now get government benefits compared to the number of people prosecuted for fraud puts the lie to any claim that government is interested in combating fraud. ... and why should they be... the money funding all the programs is taxpayer money.... not their money ... and oh, I forgot, 40 % of it is printed and borrowed, anyway.


  26. wtplv - "I hear you and agree about the R's, but instead of being satisfied with poorly crafted legislation, we should all insist that both parties work together for real solution."


    I agree but, you, I and most sane people know very well that won't happen. Record setting filibusters, the fact that secret meetings were held during President Obama's inauguration, and comments by Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and others is telling. Republicans never had any intentions of working with President Obama, and those who did, are being hung out to dry and chased out of the party. Simply for daring to accomplish something under this administration. Michael you really need to admit the GOP has gone off the deep end by pulling so far right they've left pratical moderate Republicans in the dust. It's really odd if one gave thought to what President Obama has done. He's been more of a Reagan type moderate Republican than what the extremists try to paint. They want to pretend he's some insane-radical-socialist. We have elected officials still harping on Bitherism, playing to the stupidity of their constituents.

    Those Republicans who fought against the Dixiecrats when it came to Civil Rights and freedom are gone. The GOP is in the process of damaging the party so badly they may not recover for some time. It may not happen this cycle but I'm positive it will happen because words such as "compromise" and "moderate" no longer exist in their vocabulary. Vice President Biden was right on target when he said, "this ain't your father's Republican Party."

    A reminder, our Founding Fathers constructed our Democratic Republic based on compromise.

  27. SunJohn,

    The war in Iraq was expensive and probably unneccessary and oil did not pay for it. Those are all facts. But then to say that wars are the biggest part of our financial problems.... come on!

    Wars and defense spending are large contributors but as any decent economist will attest, the liabilities under Medicare and Social Security are giant in comparisen.

    Our government (both D's and R's) have been totally irresponsible with the countries finances... and that too... is a fact!


  28. boftx - "WASHINGTON -- New government statistics show federal health care fraud prosecutions in the first eight months of 2011 are on pace to rise 85% over last year due in large part to ramped-up enforcement efforts under the Obama administration."

    Fraud committed by so-called "capitalists" working the system to maximize their profits and stuff their pockets. It seems few people know how to be honest nowadays. "Greed is good" at the expense of others is wide spread.

  29. VernosB,

    You have to be kidding, or doing some kind of drug that I'm not sure I'd want you to share. :)

    People who defraud the government are capitalists now? Really?!? Does the phrase "welfare mentality" or even "welfare trap" have any meaning for you?

    I don't mean to be harsh, but seriously, greed is a basic component of the human condition and has nothing to do with "capitalism" or "socialism." It can and *will* exist equally well under both, or any other system man can devise.

  30. The House vote to repeal that turkey is only "symbolic" because obstructionist Harry Reid won't allow the Senate to vote on it..

  31. I think Elaine's response is exactly what the Democrat's are looking for. "These things are good. I want them." Obama panders to every possible interest group to hang onto office.

    Unfortunately, Romney and the R's are no better - no plan, no vision, no honesty. Just hope that people are fed up with the current situation and figure Romney can't be as incompetent as Bush #2.

    The problem is, we can't have everything we want if we can't afford it. We are screwing our kids. Obama's running up the deficit at a trillion bucks a year and comparing it to how much the R's ran up the deficit as a justification is not leadership.

    They call my parent's generation the Greatest Generation because of all their sacrifices during WW2. They deserve this, but they weren't the greatest when it came to child-rearing, because they gave birth to the Boomers, who have turned out to be the greediest generation, as well as the most gutless leaders you can imagine.

    God forbid we have any honest discussions about what we can afford as a country and what should be our priorities and what we will have to sacrifice if we want more than we are currently paying in taxes.

    How anyone can defend either Obama or Romney boggles my mind. I think both parties and the system they support are all corrupt. My plan is to vote for Gary Johnson. If government is going to be corrupt, at least I'd like it to be smaller. The idea that it's going to efficiently and effectively tackle the complexities of health care is just laughable.

  32. JefffromVegas
    IF the democrats had repealed the Patriot Act....I would vote for them
    When was the last time "bad act" was repealed?
    In California..in 1994..the anti-gunners were voted out..but the laws were never repealed..,
    In fact, like the Patriot Act, the ones who promised doubled down..Obama doubled down on the Patriot Act..and the war in Afghanistan drags on and on..
    The House Vote is a good sign of seriousness.

  33. boftx - "You have to be kidding, or doing some kind of drug that I'm not sure I'd want you to share. :)"

    My point being that all is fair when cheating. If working the system from the bottom or working the system from the top. It's the people at the bottom who pay when caught while those at the top skate away. We as a nation are being taught there are no penalties for stealing because greed is a good thing. People no longer have a moral center because they've been conditioned to "win at any cost."

  34. VernosB,

    I'd be willing to entertain the premise that "win at any cost" is not the result of being conditioned, but a natural part of what makes us human, unless you are willing to say that the conditioning involved is that of millions, nay, billions of years of the evolution of life.

  35. "The House vote to repeal that turkey is only "symbolic" because obstructionist Harry Reid won't allow the Senate to vote on it.."

    Interesting. What happened in the Senate today?

    "Senate Republicans made good on their threat to filibuster a Democratic small-business tax cut bill today, ensuring the bill fell seven votes short of what it needed to move forward."

    Even Dean Heller voted for cloture, but the GOP decided to filibuster tax cuts to small businesses in order to score a political victory.

    Meanwhile Reid allowed a vote on the GOP measure, the one that passed the house.

    It failed, 73-24. Nearly half of the GOP members of the Senate voted against the GOP legislation.

    And you blame Reid? Just a tip, but you may want to start pointing at McConnell, Boehner and Cantor.

  36. I wouldn't worry about a shortage of doctors too much. Having insurance doesn't mean that people will be running for medical care. Most people want to avoid that unless there is some emergency, or for the care of children. People can't afford to take time of work for electives.

    Because of the economic crisis in Europe, European doctors are leaving for other digs. Not all want to come to the US, but some may want to come. Most Canadian and European doctors like their systems.

    They can get J1 or H1B visas that would help fill any temporary deficiency in our own country, as many of the Indian and Pakistani doctors in our area demonstrate.

    There are also physicians from many other areas that will come as well to further educational opportunities in their medical careers.

    Educating US doctors needs to change to decrease costs, changing the culture, and doing more to increase US student enrollment. It is time to also adjust motives.

    Another reason not to worry is that many physicians depend on the guaranteed income that comes from government plan patient populations, especially those trying to establish themselves in a new area or just starting out in practice. Remember it is the doctor who tells you how often to return for a follow up.

    As far as fraud in Medicare goes, it isn't limited to Medicare. Fraud in private insurance is even greater and private insurance premiums increase substantially because of fraud.

    It is another indicator of the moral crisis in our country.

    As often happens, the suggested fix is not focused on the real problem. It is not focused on those who commit fraud, the providers and suppliers, but those who are the victims of fraud, the insureds and the taxpayers.

    Instead of investigating and making deals for repayment with some, we should also be prosecuting all the criminals to a level that would deter others from considering fraudulent accounting and billing practices.

    Insurance fraud is big money, both public and private. Some of it is organized.

    Identity theft is also a problem that is involved in healthcare fraud.

    The problems are not limited to government programs, all are effected.

    Government programs have the ability to control costs even better than private insurance. They deal with both costs and quality compared to private insurance denying benefits and/or coverage, and raising premiums excessively for profits.

    Regarding premium increases in the ACA, insurance companies will have to justify some of the increases under the program.

    Additionally, the ACA is a beginning structure that can evolve into an effective control of costs overall, helping our economy.

    There are no limits on healthcare costs now, except through private policy coverage limitations and government programs cost, and quality oversight.

    We truly need a single payer universal healthcare plan in our country.

  37. JeffFromVegas,

    I don't dispute that many R's in Congress will do what they can to see that Obama fails and is not re-elected. For some, the reasons for this are that they fundamentally disagree with his policies. For others, it is just to get him out, regardless of whether his policies are good or bad. The first is legitimate, whether R's or D's do it, the 2nd isn't. It's as simple as that.


  38. Unfortunately "the best health care in the world" is not available for everybody in the U.S. "Market solutions" will not fix our corrupt "market-based" system. The fraud is the whole profit-motivated health insurance racket. Denying health care to people who can't pay for it risks everybody's health and safety, making this is a national security issue. The outbreak of TB in Florida will not stay in Florida. Gov. Rick Scott cut Medicaid last year and a few months after he closed a public TB hospital, there is an outbreak of TB that started in the homeless population. After the Supreme Court ruling on the ACA, Scott and other Republican governors are refusing Federal funds to expand Medicaid. Meanwhile the outbreak of TB in Florida is spiraling out of control.
    Florida pretends TB is gone; outbreak says otherwise:
    Gov. Rick Scott says Florida would refuse to enact health insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansions:
    Interesting that Gov. Scott's resume includes experience in the health care industry: Scott history at Columbia Hospital Corporation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Scott

  39. http://marketday.msnbc.msn.com/_news/201...

    Many on Wall Street think cheating breeds success

    By Allison Linn

    "Nearly one-fourth of financial services professionals feel it's at least sometimes necessary to do illegal or unethical things to be successful, and many are motivated to do so by fat bonuses and other compensation."

    "That's according to a new survey of 500 U.S. and British fund managers, bankers, asset managers and other financial services professionals. It was conducted in June on behalf of the law firm Labaton Sucharow, which specializes in whistleblower cases."

    "Twenty-four percent of respondents said if you work in financial services you must at times engage in unethical or illegal activity to be successful."

  40. In case there is someone who doesn't know Rick Scott's history of Medicare fraud, here is a link for your edification. It also involved a prominent local hospital, whose name changed following the events.


    Note the section titled: "Columbia/HCA fraud case details"

    His credibility is in the sewer and his motives are clear. He was very much involved with mergers & acquisitions with Columbia/HCA.

  41. @Bluejeans, thank you for bringing up the topic of TB.

    There are 3 strains of TB now. The one we are most familiar with, one that is multidrug-resistant, and one that is extensively drug-resistant.

    Treatment changes are required for each strain, as well as longer periods of treatment and hospitalization.

    Nationally, hospitals have undergone training on isolation and related safety measures to contain it and protect healthcare workers.

    Much research has gone into trying to find new effective treatments that the TB bacteria could not resist. Not only drug companies are researching, other research institutes are involved, including MIT. Research is still going on.

    This is nothing to sneeze at, it is serious and global. In fact, people are infected by airborne TB bacilli through coughing, sneezing, talking and spitting. Outcomes can include death.

    Not treating the most vulnerable in society is dangerous to everyone.

    Even though we have a lower incidence in the US compared to some countries, 1 in 3 people carries TB bacilli. However, in a global society, we are no longer as isolated from what occurs in other countries.

    It is in the public's interest for people to learn of this serious public health issue and do what they can to not become infected or spread contagion.

    Rick Scott's actions are at best questionable.


  42. @ CarmineD (Carmine DiFazio), July 12, 2012, 9:31 a.m
    "Let's start with the assumption that the law adds 30 million Americans who are uninsured to the rolls of health care coverage. Now, let's substract the 15 million who were to be added by States' Medicaid expansion. So the result is 15 million more Americans in the health market for services and doctors. Where are the doctors to meet the demand? "

    << Build de mand and de doctors will come. >>

  43. By zippert1 (gerry hageman), July 12, 2012, 10:27 a.m.
    "Many of the 50 million people will never buy insurance. They're part of the deadbeat class. But there's only so much you can do with these idiots. States like Texas have millions of them. A while back the American Hospital Association told Perry that if he didn't enact a law allowing them to charge for emergency room visits they would never build another hospital in Texas again. Try to get free emergency room care in Texas today. Now the deadbeats from Texas are going to other states."

    << Because Gov. Perry cut Medicaid and will, no doubt, refuse Federal funds to expand it. That's really sharp, good-samaritan-style, straight-shootin' from the bible belt.

  44. It's a catchy phrase BUT doctors are in a shortage worldwide. And the last I checked here in the USA, it takes 4 years of college, 4 years of Med school plus an internship and lots and lots of money to be one. The law goes into full effect 2014.


  45. Medicaid sadly is bankrupting most states already suffering from decreased revenues and budget shortages. Before states can expand it to 15 million more borderline poverty recipients, the Feds need to revamp it. Including eliminating the growing Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse.


  46. kepi @ 7:34am post...


    Required reading for all TeaNuts and ANYBODY who cares a whit about the ACA...

    "The Republicans' really, really big lie"


  47. BlueJeans/Peacelilly:
    TB is treated with drugs..outpatient. According to what I read, there were four remaining TB hospitals in the US, yet neither of you are screaming about the other governors (46) who have not funded TB hospitals..
    TB is on the rise in Florida..because of Haitians and other Caribbean immigrants..who entered legally and illegally without proper documentation in both cases..These have become street people and are hard to locate and track..

  48. BlueJeans/PeaceLilly
    TB coverup is laughable..TB is a reportable disease and there are articles about the rise of TB reported to the CDC and in the press since at least 2005..
    I can find all kinds of information about Florida and TB on the internet..and the dems in Florida stating "they were not informed" is their problem, not Scotts

  49. @xtra: "there were four remaining TB hospitals in the US, yet neither of you are screaming about the other governors (46) who have not funded TB hospitals..:"

    I was not "screaming". I used Gov. Scott and TB as an example to illustrate the dangers to public health and safety when people with contagious diseases can't get medical care. There must be enough examples out there to fill a book, but I was not writing a book here. Your comments illustrate the systemic PPP disease: politics, politicians and profits.

  50. BlueJeans:o
    The Democrats in Florida are saying they were not informed of 13 deaths, 90 cases and possibly 3000 contacts? Do you trust these elected officials to manage garbage collection or any basic service?
    Politics is not sloganeering or taxing or spending..Arafat was a popular leader..lots of slogans, lots of parades and public giveaways..but he couldnt get the garbage collected..
    Maybe like the democrats in Florida..he was not informed of the garbage problem on the streets in Palestine..
    PThe problem is not "funding" for TB..It is lack of "informed." When state legislators have an outbreak of TB that has been reported since 2003 how could anyone vote for these "uninformed democrats?"
    The US spent billions..or more from to the 1930's to the 1980's cleaning up this problems..and now the PPP as you call them are "unaware?"
    My father-in-law died of Tuberculosis, my mother cooked in a TB Sanitorium and I test positive for TB..I am more than aware of the funding and the treatments and where the increase is happening
    When Lou Dobbs stated that it was immigrants who were bringing this..rare..disease which we had eradicated in this country or very nearly so..he was called racist..but it is the truth..
    Democrats ..I don't get it, used to be one but..it was about being informed and staying on top of things like TB and not just with funding and more health care..It takes a concerted action..like controlling the borders..because there are more cases coming than spreading..

  51. xtra:

    I'm sorry that you and your family have been affected by TB, and I'm sorry that you felt my comments so personally. I certainly did not address my previous posts to you personally, but generally to those who are so vehemently against the ACA and the idea of universal health care.

  52. M Malone, you have evidently not read medical literature on the multi-drug resistant and extensively resistant TB. They are the difficult strains to treat.

    I don't think you understand the medical issues surrounding those strains nor the treatment issues and costs.

    The most common strain of TB can be treated on an outpatient basis.

    Outpatient treatment of common contagious strains also requires quarantine at home until the person is no longer contagious. Since it is reported, a person can be forced into quarantine for public safety.

    I knew of a case here one time that required the police be called to keep the individual from leaving home.

    Legal immigrants from any country must present medical documentation of their state of health, and a chest x-ray specifically to determine if they have TB when coming from certain countries. Also, people with HIV are at risk for TB. There are even guidelines related to pregnant women who must have a chest x-ray. This goes for travelers visas too in some cases when waivers don't apply.

    Undocumented immigrants obviously won't be carrying a chest x-ray with them or a medical report, so if they are infected everyone is at risk who comes in contact with them, including riding on a bus.

    In relation to this article, the question is about the wisdom of closing another TB hospital under the current difficulties with TB and the increasing number of case in the world.

    This isn't a political issue, it is a public health issue that doesn't distinguish between Democrats and Republicans, or any other political party.

    It will help if people have healthcare insurance, even under the ACA, so people are not afraid of the financial consequences, and seek medical care when they are sick. This can reduce the risk of contagion.

    Whether hospitalization is needed depends on the strain and treatment, the family, medical, and social history, and how long it takes for them to no longer be contagious.

    An acute care hospital is more expensive than a facility dedicated to treatment of TB.

    With only four TB hospitals in the country, initial treatment might need acute care hospitalization depending on the symptoms and treatment efforts. We could close all of them and just leave the public at risk everywhere.

    One of the reasons that TB hospitals were needed was to quarantine patients from the public. At present, they are not as needed as they once were, however, they could become needed in the future because of the increasing risk.

    Bacteria of many kinds are smarter than medicines. They learn how to survive in spite of known treatments which they become resistant to.

    Some medicines for these resistant bacteria cost thousands of dollars per dose and are the only thing that can save a patient's life.

    One request, please don't assign your emotions to me. I am in control of mine.

  53. M Malone, to clarify, I made no reference to a TB cover up.