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Letter to the editor:

Obama missing fundamentals

Fri, Jun 8, 2012 (2 a.m.)

While the popular debate surrounds whether raising or cutting taxes is best for the economy, or whether reducing or maintaining a high federal expenditure rate is better, real events are emerging in America and the rest of the globe that will actually shape our economic future. These other events create the true markets for goods and services and are often unforeseen and unpredictable. These events are nevertheless the real ones viewed by millions of businesses (e.g. the boom in horizontal drilling and gas and oil fracking) that ultimately determine what decisions they will make concerning investment, job creation and expansion. Based on this proposition, it becomes critical that the general climate for business be conducive to making such investments.

Under the Obama administration, there are stringent regulations (such as environmental ones), uncertainties as to future taxation policies and legislative burdens such as Obamacare that dampen the responses that businesses will make to new opportunities. Therefore, because most are fixated on fiscal policy, important opportunities are missed to create the right kind of climate for investment and job creation that will lead to a more robust recovery.

In my view, it should now be obvious that, from a general perspective, the Obama administration does not grasp the fundamental principles that lead to true prosperity. There will be disagreement from many on the left who adhere to egalitarian values, but we must now change and install experts in government who understand the basic drivers that lead to capital formation, job creation and economic expansion.

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  1. earth to houston : why don't you get a real job instead of shilling for the koch brothers. A homeless guy at least has some honor ; Freeman and you relinguish your rights as American citizens for a few dollars. Are we to believe that Republicans or trickle down economics is going to help us ?
    It would be foolish to believe that the petro-terrorists are going to help us since they started two wars, crashed the economy, oil slicked the gulf of mexico,and trash the atmosphere every minute. I suppose Obama is about as antibusiness as Carnegie and Rockefeller. His stimulus was all tax cuts, His health care bill was for the rich doctors and insurance companies. You can't get more deregulation in markets than Geithner and Summers. It can't swing more in the "job destroyers" favor right now to say it's not is intellectully dishonest.

  2. It's totally misleading to call the Obama Administration anti-business. It is definitely pro middle class. Perhaps the writer sees that to somehow be in conflict with business interests.

    As for the writer's distatste for environmental regulation, I am sure there may be a few that are unnecessarily burdensome. I'm also sure that was true during the Bush Administration. The fact is we have these regulations because business has proven themselves to be poor stewards of the environment in the past.

  3. President Obama's visit to Las Vegas and his campaign speech at UNLV shows that he has not changed much in 3 plus years. He's still the eloquent political speaker ready willing and able to engage and excite people of all ages. But after that, there's nothing else. If the USA had a permanment political job for campaigner in chief, Barack Hussein Obama would be the absolute best for it. Sadly the USA doesn't despite the president's attempts and efforts over the last 3 1/2 years to get one going.


  4. Who oil slicked the gulf of mexico ?

  5. Was it those "stringent" environmental regulations that trashed the Gulf of Mexico or perhaps the problem was none at all ? The man with the rats name and other republicans will make things much worst

  6. loser trickle downers like ensign and w are not empty suits ?

  7. Saul Alinsky- better American than most oil company executives, James Imhoff and other corporate shills.

  8. This administraton and Congress has been just like the ones before in far too many ways.

    Don't address the waste, fraud and duplication in the Federal government. Don't re-write the income tax code. Don't address the funding issues of SS amd Medicare. Keep printing and borrowing money so the debt and deficits don't have to be addressed. Keep our interventionist foreign policy in place.

    Do I really need to list any more? One side alone cannot cause all this inaction and negative actions over this amount of time.

    It is both parties that are so intent on winning that they will un our country in such a terrible manner.

    We have to stop buying the lies and demand better.


  9. Michael Kelly @ 4:25am...

    Tell it like it is, bro.
    Early & often.

    And THEN we have the following:

    "Obama is an 'Alinskyist' Socialist in his heart and this reflects in his actions."

    NOBODY with an ounce of sense believes that crap, so spare us the empty rhetoric.

    Hey, Windbag;
    Don't you EVER get tired of propagandizing?

  10. Just another well written bombastic opinion based on partisan politics using generic terms to describe complex issues.

  11. Hey "John Wayne",
    Best description of right wing propaganda talking points letters of the day! Well done!

  12. Obama Flip-Flop Alert:

    Obama stated this morning: "the private sector is doing fine"

    Obama later walked back the above comment: "it is absolutely clear the economy is not doing fine."

    Conclusion- Obama is out of touch and in over his head.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/061...

  13. http://www.bls.gov/iag/tgs/iag211.htm
    There are 190,000 employed in oil and gas extraction. That industry will not put America back to work. It is a small niche industry. Construction, healthcare and the service industry are the businesses that employ millions. Healthcare is exploding on its own. The service industry pays nothing. It's construction that needs the boost.

  14. At least Obama's got a shot ; What do inbred silver spoons have ? Another private equity thief whose going to tax cut oil drill, war monger, and deregulate us to the nether regions with health care just for rich people ?

  15. "A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves." -- Edward R. Murrow

  16. The US makes up 5% of the population and just over 20% of world output. Europe is dead in the water with 12 countries in recession. China and India are slowing. If the world slides into recession we slide into recession.
    We can't sustain 15 trillion in business activity without consumption from outside the US. Heavy equipment, tech and autos all due huge business overseas. Apple sells 30-40 million phones a month and Caterpillar sells huge numbers of tractors overseas.
    Economic data lags. We may already be in recession. We wont know for a few months.

  17. We had a tech bubble, a real estate bubble,apparently were having a fossil fuel bubble now. Why don't we have bubbles that actually help people out like a renewable energy bubble no that wouldn't be screwed up enough.

  18. "Carmine......

    Take your blinders off." Teamster

    I did many years ago. Unfortunately, you found them and are wearing now.

    Unions are dead and so are you. Dems running in Nov 2012 will lose UNLESS they distance themselves from Obama. Some already have. A liberal Dem from California, Boxer, most recent. She wants to investigate the WH, O, for intell leaks.

    Get prepared. Start packing. There's going to be a new President in Wash DC in Jan 2013.


    MOUNT RUSHMORE." Teamster

    No. His head's too big to fit.


  20. Raise INTEREST RATES already. If we want enterprise to work again, we must enable the ability of markets to work. Who's going to front money to any business if there is little to no chance of a profit and limited chance of return of capital? And then some would tax your loss???

  21. Markets are dead we need a jobs bill, Long live Social Security, Medicare and government regulation

  22. SS and Medicare are earned, to an extent. Could we stop accusing retired WORKERS of being on welfare? Can we KICK START CONGRESS into fixing SS and working on Medicare? If we extend any tax cuts (done already) we could adjust SS taxes to higher income levels (NOT done already) to offset some but not all cuts? The rest of Medicare could be fixed by coverage changes--perhaps like the State health care plan--"free" preventive care, major medical coverage but YOU PAY for treatments up to the maximum out-of-pocket--or copay as you go on those who develop chronic conditions, hypochondriacs, those who refuse to participate in health--refusal to stay in semi-decent shape... i.e., low to no premiums for senior Americans who stay in shape and stay healthy and those who smoke, drink, eat themselves in obesity....can pay more. We could have a different maximum annual out-of-pocket. We cannot keep increasing premiums and costs for all seniors to pay for those who run to a doctor twice a week, need it or not. Maybe even get a form of Medicare for those age 62 or so AND retired--some sort of reasonable premium. Should appease those insistent on working towards a government-sponsored minimum level of health care.