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Letter to the editor:

Political attacks tear country apart

Mon, Mar 5, 2012 (2:01 a.m.)

Our country has survived many changes since the Great Depression, but today we appear to be on a demoralizing political division with no end in sight.

From 1941 to Victory Day in 1945, we stood proudly shoulder-to-shoulder through World War II and celebrated with our heads held high.

Then, from 1950 into 1953, our involvement in the Korean conflict made us question our politicians.

Then, from 1953 into 1975, came the Vietnam fiasco that was our country’s first major political blunder.

The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 gave us a scare, but the outcome once again seemed to unite us politically.

In 1990 and 1991, during the highly televised Desert Storm invasion, we seemed to take it in stride politically because it only lasted 28 days.

Then on Sept. 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden’s group of radicals attacked our land, and once again we were politically united.

Then, in 2003, came the invasion of Iraq.

After eight years of death and destruction, and factual evidence that this fiasco should never have occurred, we have finally ended the war but not political divide.

So far, it is our country’s worst political disaster.

Our folks temporarily joined forces when we killed Osama bin Laden, but instead of mass celebrations of a job well done, some of our politicians once again got in attack mode for political reasons.

Now we have politicians screaming to bomb Iran. They have no knowledge of what is really going on. They just keep dividing us as they rant like idiots.

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  1. Great letter Don, the irony of the whole situation is truly surreal. The GOP/Tea Party is screaming about socialism and communism, but it's they who moved so far right that moderate Republicans are clueless about their own party. George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Peggy Noonan and others are asking WTF? Of course anything in the middle would be considered socialism by these folk. Ronald Reagan couldn't pass their litmus test!

  2. I would rather beware the uneducated comments coming from "RefNV". Freaking out about debt when the problem is not enough consumption of constructive things for society is what conservative are doing because a robust recovery (which would naturally shrink the deficit) means they can't get back into power to sc**w it all up again. The applicable quote here is that conservatives believe all government is bad...then get elected and prove it.

  3. Enjoyed the letter, Mr. Ellis.

    As a retired Veteran, I am happy to see people are more aware of how precious our military is, and the need to use their talents sparingly.

    We actually have a President right now who listens not only to his administration experts, but also to high ranking military, both retired and active duty. He does not participate in knee jerk reactions, nor does he use the military for political adventurism.

    We are no longer immersed in the insanity of the previous President who used the military more for political aims than anything else of benefit to America.

    We are now in a new era where calmer heads prevail. With more rational decision making. Where diplomacy is used FIRST and FOREMOST over the military option...an option that should ALWAYS used as the last resort, not the only resort.

    As far as the breast beating, pulpit pounding right wing mouth machine politicians, let them spew propaganda. It seems like everyone sees them for what they really are. And they are called out daily for their stupidity and fiery rhetoric that does more to not only get American into more conflicts, but snowball to other countries as well.

    The simple fact of the matter is that America, in order to remain a proven world power and a model for democracy worldwide, we need to act like a leader.

    The ultra-conservatives, if they hijack America again, will degrade that leadership significantly.

    One thing for sure is that they are not are experts in foreign policy. The only thing they are professionals at are being politicians that will say and do anything to get back into power. Even if they have to sacrifice American lives needlessly to get there.

    Disregard the right wingnuts. They have been verified to be users and manipulators; more adept at the use of their vocal chords than their brains. They will step on anyone to get what they want.

    No more of this sacrificing military for political aims proven to have all been definitively declared failures from the very beginning.

  4. OK Freeman, quote some funny numbers that agree with you and then use those to bolster the conclusions you draw from them, and use all of that to then deny the letter writer's major point that there are very deep and fundamentally destructive divisions in the country.

    Gee, doesn't that prove the letter writer's point by illustrating: (1) deep division and (2) denial of the reality of deep division?

    Let me propose that the cause of this division is that either we have two distinct realities or one version of reality is illusory.

  5. None of your posts can be taken seriously while you continue to refer to the President of the United States as "Osama Obama".

  6. I think it can be argued that what we see today is a holdover from the Civil War.

    Before then, while there be have been only two dominant parties, there were still smaller ones that were effective in getting people elected and even winning votes in the electoral college. All that changed just before the start of the Civil War.

    Most of the smaller parties disappeared, with many of them coming together to form the Republican Party. The driving force was basically the issue of slavery. The Democrats, with their base largely in the South wanted to keep it, and the Republicans, with their base largely in the North, did not.

    The political divide did not end with the end of the Civil War, but has continued to this day between those two parties. Positions have shifted, but in essence, we have never realized since then that it is okay to have more than two major parties.

  7. Just watching the GOP candidates campaign shows how they will govern. Their policies are on blame and use fear to get their agendas passed. They offer no solutions except what benefits themselves and friends. If people want a change they will get one with this bunch of finger pointing bunch. If the GOP wins we will be called the divided States of America.

  8. @jldour and boftx,

    Keep in mind that the Republican party has pandered to the Tea Party and by doing so moved so far right that long time Republicans are questioning their party. The last time I've seen this scenario was when Barry Goldwater ran for president and William F. Buckley battled the extremism of the John Birch Society. The GOP tent has shrunken and became very radical over social issues that were settled back in the 60's and 70's.

  9. The biggest problem I see with the Republican Party today is that is has become home to the Religious Right and the uptick in the belief system known as "Dominionism" that accompanies them.

    The extremists of the Religious Right used to be confined mainly to the Constitution Party, but Reagan opened the doors to them and now we see the results.

  10. Iran and Syria are next whether you like it or not, so get behind the movement to free those poor souls! The USA is not going to stand and let people get slaughtered by dictators. Obama has no spine, he has proved that over and over such as Afgahn, his recent apology for accidental burning of books that were littered with derogatory scribble, why did he not demand an apology from all those who riot and caused deaths? Why does he not demand those people to be tried for thier crimes of murder? He has not been able to reach out to the terrorists, Arabs, and Muslims like he promised. Even the People that live here in the USA from these countries do not speak out against this problem. He can't seem to rally anyone into doing anything!
    Black youth and men still have huge unemployment problems over Caucasians and Latino, interesting Asians are the highest employed bunch, maybe because the family units are strong and they make the kids study and learn..?

    Where is Obama on all this? Nowhere to be found.
    His time has come to leave. He has failed at domestic and foreign policy. This is your political divide.

  11. "Amazing about how concerned liberals are about the future of the Republican party. We really appreciate all of your concern." - Future

    Moderate Democrats (yes, Virginia, they really do exist) and independents are concerned with reason. Keep in mind that they are not entirely pleased with Obama. It is up to the Republicans to provide an alternative that makes sense to them.

    They want a reasonable Republican Party choice. And Santorum or Newt isn't it.

  12. About half the Republican Candidates for President claim to have been chosen by (their) god to lead America.

    Aside from Politics, there is also religious war on against science, public education, history and a true Democracy. One generic religion wants to reclaim America, elect only their confidants and make the major decisions behind closed doors.

    They have struck an allegiance with wealth, which has never wanted or needed a democracy and are using the tools of their trade, which are fear and loathing to achieve the divide and conquer path control.

    The latest fight over contraceptives demonstrates the divide and conquer technique. The majority of Catholics approve of contraceptives but the Council of Bishops wants to fight the Government rather than castigate their own members, because they know they will loose offerings.

    About 95% of the wars today in the world are over religion of one type or another. When they aren't fighting Satan or some imaginary evil spirit, they are fighting among themselves over piddly squat, because piddly is their livers.

    As Christopher Hitchens pointed out, "Religion Poisons Everything". Move away from cults and peace will again return. Feed the Bogeymen in robes and wingtips and the dark ages, during which religion reveled and thrived, will return.

  13. Not sure if anyone sees this, but anytime there is a cry of political attacks are tearing this country apart, it's only when the savage mouth machine ultra-conservatives are at the losing end.

    They love to attack.

    But when they end up as the targets for their stupid vile attacks, they suddenly revert to being the victims.

    People, it's very important to keep this right wing radical and extreme over reach agenda on their heels reeling and playing defense.

    Because what they have to offer and sell to the American people is foul smelling.

    Get registered to vote, people. We got work to do here in Nevada. And tell them we don't want any of their watered down, maggot infested offerings from their stupid soup kitchens.

    We need to smack this Tea/Republican Party agenda right in the kisser with our votes and put an end to it right here and now.

    That's the only thing that will shut them up. At least for a little while.

    At least until they try to re-write history, performed the impossible fete and glossed it over that they magically created Johannesburg Reisling wine from ditch water.

  14. Gogo, your comparison is only pseudo-fair.

    In the Shultz-Coulter incident, the target of the slur is very much a public figure, who is extremely opinionated and who constantly and publicly voices those opinions using extreme language intended to induce reactions.

    In the Limbaugh-Fluke incident, the target of the slur is a law student who was publicly testifying to Congress so as to express her opinion on a particular issue of the day.

    Also, as I'm sure you're aware, Ed Shultz WAS taken off the air and suspended for a week. Only a week, but a week nevertheless.

  15. **I meant Schultz-Ingraham, not Coulter.

  16. Future - "Amazing about how concerned liberals are about the future of the Republican party. We really appreciate all of your concern."

    Yes I'm concerned. I'd like to see the two parties compromise and get something done. Obstruction isn't the way to get things done and only adds to the polarization of our political process.

  17. LastThroes - "With eight months until Election Day the GOP gang of thugs that can't shoot straight (or do anything right, for that matter) is shooting themselves right in the middle of their foot."

    I beg to differ, they can shoot straight. The problem is, it's in a circular firing squad. A large number of registered Republican are completely dissatisfied with these candidates sniping one another and exposing their weaknesses.

  18. I'm hoping after we re-elect President Obama, we just out-law the Republican Party and the DOJ finally investigates and indicts Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rice, Rove and the rest of the Republicans that participated in lying America into the Unjust War in Iraq as WAR CRIMINALS!

    I seriously doubt this will happen - but, it is the right thing to do as Americans for America!

    Let the Libertarians take over what remains of the Republicans surviving the trials - we can certainly deal with that sort of change!

    BTW: I'm rooting for a Santorum/Bachmann ticket - LOL!

  19. Johnathan, you have no idea how many people seriously desire what (I hope) you posted as satire.