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Letter to the editor:

Being unfairly targeted by liberals

Mon, Mar 12, 2012 (2:01 a.m.)

I listen to Rush Limbaugh every day, and I heard his tirade against Sandra Fluke. Although he may have been out of line in calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute,” most of what has been reported about the incident has been mischaracterized by the mainstream media.

Rush’s comments about posting video online were clearly made in jest, yet the liberals want to use this to crucify him. No one on the liberal left is a fan of Rush, and if they don’t agree with you, they want to have you silenced and deprive others of the right to listen. The First Amendment be damned!

In light of the controversy, many advertisers on Limbaugh’s show have canceled their advertising. One of those was the online backup service Carbonite. Although they are free to advertise where and how they see fit, bowing to pressure from the supporters of the “silence Rush” crowd only serves to empower supporters of the out-of-control entitlement mentality in this country, which is what Rush’s comments were really about. Knee-jerk reactions also have unintended consequences — I cancelled my Carbonite subscription and I know many others who are doing so as well.

If people don’t like what they hear Rush say, turn the radio off or change the station. It’s as simple as that. But don’t try to deny me the right to listen to Rush just because you don’t agree with him.

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  1. Rush displayed very poor judgement at best with his choice of words. No reasonable person can deny that.

    That said, I have no problem at all with people either pulling their advertising from Rush or, as the author of this letter has done, boycotting those who did. That is exactly how the free market is supposed to work.

    I do have a major problem with Shelly Berkley, as a sitting member of Congress, calling for Rush to be removed from the air. A member of our government at the highest levels should never show such disregard for the Constitutional rights of a private citizen as that.

  2. I remember when Howard Stern was constantly under fire from the FCC for the same reasons that Mr. Limbaugh is being chastised now. I haven't heard or read what the FCC's reaction has been to all this, and frankly don't care. Stern moved to subscription radio, where he can say whatever he wants to say. I chose not to follow him because I don't like having to pay for radio programming. The letter writer summed it up best: "If people don't like what they hear Rush say, turn the radio off or change the station". A sentiment I share. This too shall pass, and we can all get on with our lives. This will certainly not affect where I shop, one way or the other.

  3. There is no excuse for what Limbaugh said, how he said it, or why he said it. The man is a cancer spreading throughout this country and the wise among us know it.

  4. Driving the long highway commutes in San Diego County to college decades back, I would daily listen to the rants of Rush Limbaugh, and found him entertaining, seasoned occassionally with being right in a sarcastic way.

    We are only human, and say things that at times we should have thought better of it. Rush's yap just got the best of him. Oh well. He apologized and that should have been enough.

    Congresswoman Berkley should live and let live here, there are other things to dwell on that will be far more productive with her attention, like housing, jobs, education, the DREAM ACT, employment, war (or lack thereof). I am a woman and would appreciate the City of North Las Vegas Waste Water Treatment Plant cleaning up the area and landscape the blight they made in my neighborhood. Water the TREES for God's sake!

    I also agree with Larry Fuss, "If people don't like what they hear Rush say, turn the radio off or change the station." It's just that simple!

    Blessings and Peace,

  5. The 'Big Bloviator' should have a pin stuck in him to deflate his GINORMOUS girth and MONSTROUS ego...

    The level to which Rushbo has stooped in his mindless ignorance & outright slanderous commentary cannot be spun for public consumption any other way than to say...

    Rushbo is addled by decades of right-wing adulation and self-abuse, and by virtue of his "King" status amongst the knuckle-dragging set, finds himself untouchable.

    "I am Rush...I am untouchable and irreplaceable, and wildly popular and successful!"

    What a sad, sad commentary on the status of the public airwaves and the American consciousness.
    Censuring Limbaugh for his scandalous, salacious screed would have been a foregone conclusion in the past. Now, it's business as usual for the 'Big Bloviator', because no one is minding the store anymore. The FCC has been largely denuded. "Community Standards", as spelled out to radio station licensees, are seemingly as malleable as putty. Hate Speech is now 'free speech' to the 'Big Bloviator' and his contemporaries.
    That ain't the way the rules are laid out...


    To say Rushbo has become 'too big for his britches' is a massive understatement.

  6. Rush is just another example of demagoguery run amok in this country. I personally do not listen to him because his contributions to a civil and factual dialog are few. That said, he has free speech rights and as well as responsibilities. I accept that he has apologized and gets it. The responsibility for losing sponsorship is his alone and not some leftist conspiracy.

  7. No one with an ounce of sense believes (after watching the video of Rush saying what he said about Ms. Fluke) this was in "jest", unless you are emotionally challenged. When a comedian, which Rush most certainly is NOT, makes fun of public figures, as Bill Maher did, that is fair game. When Rush makes fun of a private citizen who is a woman he is a bully and misogynist. As a three time loser, I wonder what the three prior wives think of Limbaugh's disgusting remarks?

  8. No indignation from the lefties about Sharpton, Jackson or Maher; all who have issued bigoted, racist or vile commnets about women, Christians or Jews. I have never listened to Limbaugh's radio "show." However, around 30 years ago, I did watch his TV show and thought he was funny as Hell and was disappointed when it left the air. Anyone calling for his removal from the airwaves simply doesn't understand how America is supposed to work and it isn't by silencing the Jackson's, Sharpton's, Maher's or Limbaugh's. It's by agreeing or opposing their speech with speech of your own. As for the cowardly businesses who pulled their ads. By advertising with Sharpton on MSNBC does not mean they endorse his skewed view of America any more than by advertising with Limbaugh they agree with his. We must not go down a path that weakens the freedom for all simply because we disagree with something someone says or believes.

  9. Mr. Fuss, if you've listened to Rush Limbaugh everyday, you would then know he has attacked women, minorities, and used derogarory language often. The issue with Ms. Fluke put Limbaugh over the top and pissed off many more people than usual (from both sides of the aisle), especially women.

    Companies pulling ads do so because they recognize the damage Rush has done to himself. Say hello to the new Lonesome Rhodes.

  10. "But don't try to deny me the right to listen to Rush just because you don't agree with him."

    Too late. Rush Limbaugh will soon be history. Right now, he's going down the same road Glenn Beck did before being smacked out of Fox News, the Triple A news network (they get ALL the news ALL wrong ALL the time).

    As I'm typing this comment, just about 98 advertisers have left that show. Just about ten of them are major advertisers. And the trend right now is the big corporations are shying away from him. He's toxic.

    The letter writer seems to blame everyone else for the controversy.

    Your finger pointing is unwarranted.

    The American public didn't do this. They just reacted.

    Rush Limbaugh has no one to blame but himself.

    He's going down. Bye, bye, Rush. Good luck in your new job running a hot dog stand or getting employed over at Fox News (that's where all the failing racist misogynistic bigot ultra-right wing hate spewing whiners go anyways).

  11. Dear letter writer:

    If you listen to Rush every day, you would have heard him slander Ms. Fluke multiple times over several days for exercising her right to petition the Congress for a redress of grievances.

    In testifying, Ms. Fluke was exercising a right essential to good governance. Only if ordinary citizens can be heard telling the truth as they see it can Congress legislate wisely and effectively. But a citizen who is subjected to obloquy and scorn for telling what he or she thinks is the truth is one likely to avoid telling Congress what it needs to know. The result is bad public policy and ineffective legislation. In short, the result is a non-functional or dysfunctional government.

    So, we have an example of a private citizen publicly scorned as a Prostitute for exercising a First Amendment Right. And letter writer, presumably a citizen, complains that "Liberals" are unfairly targeting Rush! Well, Esau, hope you enjoyed your meals of hot air, because you have given up your birthright in exchange for them.

    Here is where we could use one of Killer B's quotes. One from Alexander Hamilton or Edmond Burke, or Hamilton quoting Burke, to the effect that "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Burke and Hamilton were both conservatives (in the real sense of the word) and understood the necessity of protecting the right of free speech. In this, as in so many other things, they were actual conservatives -- unlike the Esaus who like our letter writer and his apologists call themselves "Conservative" but do not conserve American rights or liberties but promote instead conformity to an empty fog of pretentious blather.

    Real American conservatives understand that good governance requires open and honest speech about public matters. And they understand that that open and honest speech requires some protection of petitioners from personal slander for saying what they believe must be said regarding the subject of their petition.

    We can have good governance or we can have Open Season of Incivility on citizens who petition their government. but not both.

  12. Leric,

    Where does Berkley, as a sitting member of Congress starting a petition to have Limbaugh taken off the air, fit in your view as outlined above? (By the way, not a bad take on freedom of speech in general.)

  13. I am so tired of the term "liberal" and conservist. If giving to a person that has a need makes me a liberal, so be it. If saving money for a rainy day makes me a conservist, so be it> If I personally think Rush Limbaugh is a racist,divisist blow hard bigot then he has provided me enough information to think of him in this manner. I have a problem with him being able to spew his hate on free airways in various forms to divide America. I have no problem if he takes his hate to a format where those that want to listen can pay to do so. If his followers had to pay I seriously believe he would soon disappear and his undue influence over Republican Congress person(s) would also soon disappear. They are afraid to death of him. The ability to have this kind of influence over our elected representative(s) can not be in anyone's best interest. Certainly not America.

  14. You gotta hand it to those righties. They will stay in that circular firing squad to the last man, probably the only decent thing rush limbo has ever done in his life. Indirectly though.

  15. LastThroes - "It makes me love America even more whenever a bully gets his due."

    The ultimate American bully killed his own career as well, Joe McCarthy. People might want to examine his career before they start shooting off their mouths. No one is indispensable, no one!

  16. And anyone expects anything less of the liberals or the main stream media is lying to themselves.

    Their only agenda is to create a two class society, those with and those who are codependent on the government. They'll stop at nothing until they achieve their goals.

    Any people wonder why Fox News is #1. they're not one sided.

  17. @boftx: I dunno. I tend to treat the pronouncements of politicos as more hot air (How did Star put it?: sometimes mildly entertaining on a long drive to/from San Diego.) But your comment got me thinking: (1) that it was overreaching by a Legislator. I think that Rush should be chastised by the Courts for slander, and that it would be right to do so because the chilling effect that his slanders of a citizen would have on the right to petition ought to override any tendency to turn a private citizen who petitions into a "public figure." (2) that Citadel is not going to do anything to destroy a Meal Ticket, no matter what Ms. B and a whole bunch of Legislators say or want. (3) that given (2) Ms. B's "petition drive" is really just a drive for free publicity in a political campaign -- another example of the low level of political discussion to which we have sunk. (It is inconceivable to me that her opponent in the upcoming campaign for Senator is at any way at fault for, or implicated in, Rush's Slander, no one but Rush is at fault for that.) So Ms. B might as well be getting up a Petition that the sun rise each morning, or that it not get hot in Las Vegas in the Summer -- except that she got her Petition on the "news" and people are talking about it as though it were real instead of just a reality show.

  18. Leric,

    I would call that a reasonable response. My thought would be that in regard to point 1 that any harm done by Limbaugh is a matter for the civil courts in an action brought by private parties, i.e. Ms. Fluke.

    As for Berkley, I think such a call for action by a member of Congress is on thin ice with Constitutional principals at best. For her to do so to gain a political advantage in an election goes beyond the pale for me.

    I think you and I could agree that the free market will take care of whether or not Rush stays on the air and that the civil courts can handle any harm between private parties.

    Is that a fair assessment?

  19. Make that "principles", not "principals". Dang spell checker doesn't catch that kind of stupid error.