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Letter to the editor:

Citizens need to focus on issues

Wed, Mar 14, 2012 (2 a.m.)

My thanks to David Crowell for a well-written letter, “Agendas distract from issues,” on March 12. His perspective was exactly right. I do hope more people come to understand the corrosive societal effects that surface and undermine our potential for greatness when we permit misinformation to define our conversations. Emotions generated by false accusations and misinformation could be better spent working to generate productivity (that comes best through unity, honesty and understanding).

As it is, there are many Americans who won’t believe facts when facts are presented to them. We are so conditioned to take sides against one another that we are afraid to look at a problem from different perspectives. National success starts by giving voice to many perspectives.

Talk to each other, and more important, listen. Then, give your favorite legislator permission to hear her/his opponent’s view. Elected officials follow our lead more than we are willing to accept. First “be the change you want to see in this world,” then expect your legislators and neighbors to follow suit.

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  1. Tricia - An excellent letter. We do need to talk to each other - not shout at each other. We should all "be the change you want to see in this world".

  2. Ms. Tricia Abbas is correct about misinformation, an excellent letter. Setting the record straight people should know that most of the 10 poorest states in the country are Republican. Mississippi is the poorest followed by Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Texas has one in five people living in poverty.

    Future - "Time to get back to talking about the morbid 2% economy, food robbing $4.25 gas, Obamacare rationing, the pain of the 25% underemployed, and $16 trillion in debt."

    The 2% economy is due to the wealth of the nation being sucked out by the wealthiest citizens. I have little doubt that Republicans refuse to work with Dems in hope of keeping the economy low.

    Washington Post

    "CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testified before the Senate Budget Committee today and dropped something of a bombshell. Extending the Bush tax cuts, he said, will "probably reduce income relative to what would otherwise occur in 2020." The reason is simple: Debt."

    "Elmendorf doesn't deny that tax cuts stimulate the economy. But they don't stimulate it that much, he says, and over the long run, the net economic growth from the tax cuts will be quite small. The net deficit impact won't be. "Lower tax revenues increase budget deficits and thereby government borrowing," Elmendorf said, "which crowds out investment, while lower tax rates increase people's saving and work effort; the net effect on economic activity depends on the balance of those forces."

    Gasoline at $4.25 has nothing to do with Obama, it has to do with Wall St. speculators and saber rattling over Iran as per The Wall St. Journal.


    What rationing are you talking about? The 25% underemployment can be scratched up to American companies outsourcing Americans jobs. Just yesterday I was surprised to learn that the major airlines outsource repairing their fleets to foreign nations. Makes me feel we really need high speed rails, flying is creepier now than ever.

  3. Re Vernos B. Spot on post Vernos. Both you and the letter writer made excellent points. Some people never let facts get in the way of partisan rhetoric.

  4. @Freeman: How do you reconcile your agreement with the letter writer with your posts that follow?

  5. "As it is, there are many Americans who won't believe facts when facts are presented to them....."

    Abbas -- good letter, but one speaker's "fact" usually spawn's other opiners' opposing "facts." Truth being the most elusive "fact."

    "Some people never let facts get in the way of partisan rhetoric."

    ressince73 -- all too true, and all too tragic. But mankind has always been like that in their social relations. Welcome to the herd.

    "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." -- Oscar Wilde

  6. @Freeman: Your responses continue to perplex me in the light of your praise of Tricia Abbas' letter. I read the Vernos post which you cited and it seems that your characterization of it is a stretch.

    I am well aware that the Rs among us are fully engaged in Silly Season. As an Independent, I'm trying (for as long as I can, but largely in vain) to avoid the emphatic repetitions of the endless drivel and utter falsehoods that have come to characterize "discussion of the issues" at Election Time. (Thank you, KillerB for the quote from Oscar Wilde.)

  7. Not only are the ten poorest states in America the most conservative. Eight of the ten richest states are the most liberal. Of course the radical conservatives squeal that these liberal states have debt issues true. But the conservative bastion of Texas led all states with the biggest debt at $29 billion annual debt. Conservatives hate fact for a reason, there arguments are proven false by the facts. :-)

  8. The middle paragraph in the letter underscores the need to not only concentrate on basic skills, but to also teach critical thinking/logic directly starting at no later than middle school. It is not enough to teach geometry and hope the students realize it is teaching them how to derive a logical proof for an argument, as well.

    As I have said so many times now, an educated electorate capable of objective debate is vital to our way of life.

  9. Of course Refnv does not dispute that the ten poorest states in the union are conservative or That eight of the ten richest states are liberal. He attempts to deceive the readers with the theoretical stats from conservative Think tanks. Don't forget Texas benefited greatly from Barack Obama's stimulus plan all the while complaining and stabbing Obama in the back. Another prime example that the radical conservatives are destroying our country with there totalitarian non-comprimising attitudes.

    And Refnv. You stated that you own a business now. Why do you Dodge classifying what type of business that you now own? While were at it any reason as to why you do not use your Christian name when commenting here?

  10. And once again Refnv proves why the radical right are the problem with our country. He never addressed why the ten poorest states are conservative and eight of the ten richest states are liberal. Or even address the fact that Texas has stayed afloat thanks to Obama's stimulus plan. He sure did attempt to change the subject though. It takes both sides negotiating in good faith to solve our country's problems. And the right wing types have a demonstrable pattern of bad faith. Thus making compromise impossible. And since the Republican party represents and protects the economy killing traders on wall street and likewise is filled with Corporate welfare enabling conservative activists. The solutions is quite simple really if you can't stomach to vote for a Democrat vote for the new Whig party.

    And Refnv if you do not want to be questioned to what you're business is then don't post you own a business. Likewise since you will not post your true name don't expect anyone here to take you seriously.

  11. Politicos love silly partisan controversy it gives them cover to help their cronies, plunder the treasury, and remove the people's rights.

  12. To the moderator. Perhaps you can answer why its OK for shrillmoeller to call people morons. But you delete my post that was word for word the same as shrillmoellers un-removed 4:17 post?

    The only way for radical conservatives to win the debate is own the referees.

  13. It is also of interest to note that the radical right wing types when faced with questions for example. If conservative economic policy is supposedly superior the liberal economic policy. Then why are the ten poorest states in our country all conservative? Instead of using logic, independent analysis and basic problem solving skills. They will just explode into rage, anger and insults. Just proves that the radical conservatives are not fit to lead our country. You don't want a Sara Palin type president in possession of our nuclear missiles launch codes or in charge of economic policy.

  14. "Racist" isn't funny.

  15. And Refnv continues in his attempt to deceive. Here's another set of statistics that are damming to conservative economic policy. This list is of the ten states with the highest poverty rates, all conservative states again.

    1. Mississippi. 20.1%
    2.Louisiana. 18.3%
    3.New Mexico. 17.9% including native Americans
    4.Alabama. 16.7%
    5.Texas. 16.2% and this is the conservative economic role model.
    6.Arkansas. 15.9%
    7.Oklahoma. 15.6%
    8. West Virginia. 15.4%
    9.Arizona. 15.2%
    10. South Carolina. 15.0%

    This is the percent of people living below the poverty rate. Not one of these states are liberal. And when comparing the ten poorest states coupled with the ten states with the highest poverty rates are all conservative states, using conservative economic policy's. Lets not forget the economic failure of Bush Jr. Concludes any rational debate. Judgment conservative economic policy is a abject failure. Well except for the super wealthy that is.

  16. Refnv states a family in Mississippi making $21 thousand dollars a year enjoys the same standard of living as a family in new York making $50 thousand a year. Seems obvious besides Refnv demonstrating bad faith that the family in Mississippi will not be able to afford healthcare, a reliable car, secondary education or even save any money for there own retirement. Those conservative activists will stop at nothing short if putting us all in the poor house.

  17. Keep dodging the obvious Refnv. The fact is the wealth of America is concentrated in the liberal states not the conservative states. I grew up in Mississippi and can attest to the fallacy of your argument that an average family in Mississippi enjoys the same quality of life as a average family in California or new York as Pure BS. If your born poor in the south more then likely you will end up poor regardless of how hard you work or how clever you may be. The conservative economic policy favors the good old boys of generational wealth at the expense of everyone else. Jeff foxworthy sums it up best when he states " YOU KNOW YOUR A REDNECK WHEN YOU SHOOT OR CATCH HALF OF YOURE FOOD" and likewise "YOU KNOW YOUR A REDNECK WHEN YOURE HOUSE HAS WHEELS.

  18. Hopefully someone can enlighten you Refnv. You are using the cost of housing only as to discretionary spending available to the average family in Mississippi is much lower then then the available discretionary spending for the average family in New York. And you know that, you are being deceitful and that you cannot win this one but hey! Keep it up, keep defending the failed conservative economic policy's and the ever ugly leader ( Rush Limbaugh ) of the Republican/tea party. I will give you people all the rope you want to hang yourselves in the electoral column next fall.

    And Refnv cat cut your tongue? No answer why there is more concentrated wealth in the liberal states then the conservative states? You have a bad habit of avoiding the hard questions.
    It only makes you look petty and foolish.

  19. My son has moved around a lot since graduating and he has since lived in three of the most "poverty stricken" states in the southern US. He refuses to come back to the west coast because he always lives better in the southern states.

    FOOD, gas, and housing is so much cheaper there that he is relatively rich there compared to the costs in the coastal states of the US. His dollar goes much further there than here or Utah or California. A brick house with acreage near Austin Tx (for instance) is MUCH cheaper than the poorly designed cardboard houses with no land here in NV.