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Letter to the editor:

Limbaugh’s shtick has been exposed

Tue, Mar 20, 2012 (2 a.m.)

Letters such as those submitted by Larry Fuss, “Being unfairly targeted by liberals,” really make one wonder where common sense and relatively uncomplicated human values have gone. Everyone, with the exception perhaps of Mr. Fuss, understands what Rush Limbaugh’s modus operandi is, and that is to make sure everyone recognizes him as the Lion of the Right, the brash tell-it-like-it-is, ultimate conservative among weak-kneed liberals.

Unfortunately for Rush, however, he got carried away with the inflammatory tones of his own rhetoric and was surprised to learn that members of his own political party saw the mean-spirited remarks for what they were, especially when monied support began to evaporate.

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  1. Isn't "shtick" suppose to be funny while Limbow is about as funny as sitting in traffic ?

  2. Limbaugh gets way more credit and attention than he deserves. He is an entertainer, not a guru. He is less a leader than led by the carbon-based life forms that are his audience. The search continues for intelligent life on Planet Rush.

  3. Two of 5 comments referencing Bill Maher, as of this post. Not a single reference to Bill Maher in the letter.

  4. If we remembered that all Rush Limbaugh is and ever will be is a talk media "entertainer," and that he went overboard, having an unfortunate diarrhea of the mouth, which he later humbly regreted and apologized, this could be put to rest.

    Centainly, his comment was inappropriate. He felt remorse, apologized and has tried to move on. If you don't like him, YOU have the choice to change the channel. Time to move on people, really.

    Blessings and Peace,

  5. The main media and liberal talking heads like to point to Rush Limbaugh as the leader of the Republican conservative movement, a contingent to which I identify the most. For years I have listened to this half baked liberal insanity with a grain of salt,chalking up the allegation to mere ignorance, which it is.. But with Limbaugh's latest rant the silence remains too difficult to hold any longer. To the left wing establishment please get this through your heads--Limbaugh is an entertainer with a message--he entertains for hours everyday with his radio show. He is not the leader of a political movement or any party! Rush Limbaugh does not represent me or my political party affiliation. Any part of that liberal charge is pure nonsense. Liberals have it with their DNA to identify and rip to shreds any one who may hold points of view who differ from their own. They require live targets for their nasty and abusive attacks. Lliberals, contrary to their names, attempt to silence the voices who disagree with their creed of false left wing ideology, which ultimately undermines, with the intent to destroy, traditional American values of self reliance, individual responsibility, personal accountability, liberty and free spirited enterprise.

  6. Bob Jack displays an almost perfect case of projection when he accuses liberals of doing what Rush has done consistently for decades. What, exactly, does Bob Jack think is entertaining about this hate monger? His misogyny perhaps?

    The rest of Bob Jack's rant is clearly disconnected from actual history or facts.

  7. BobJack - You say Rush is an entertainer, I would agree. But I would never consider that calling a young woman a slut and a prostitute is entertaining in the least. In addition to being an entertainer, not a comedian, Rush is also the person steering the sheeple of the GOP just as much if not more than Hannity and any other entertainer at Fox. They are nothing but hate enticing talking heads, spewing lies on a national level.

  8. The first time Bill Maher is mentioned here is when a poster says "We need to get back to real issues and not Bill Maher" and "why are you still talking about Bill Maher" and "Maher, leader of the Democratic Party of Today".

    I know how little that poster likes facts and truths, but here's one for you: Bill Maher is NOT a registered Democrat!!!

  9. Enjoyed the letter, but from the tone of it, there seems to be a belief that it's over with.

    I say it isn't.

    If you were to actually check on Mr. Rush Limbaugh's show ever since his horrific three day attack on Ms. Fluke and somewhat lame apology for two words he said (but not the other 40 or so relentless and savage attacks on her character), he has not curtailed the rhetoric; he has actually double downed on it.

    He seems to have declared total war on women. In the last few shows I have heard from independent sources, he refers to women groups as "NAGS." Not sure what that means, but it sure is probably something derogatory. And that's just one instance. He seems obsessed and a man on a mission against any person that has equipment between their legs that are different than his.

    And STILL to this day, not very many Tea/Republican Party politicians are holding him accountable for his rhetoric, either in the past or now.

    So, that tells everyone that he is in charge of the Tea/Republican Party's policy of attacking women. In essence, they let him speak for them. But then when they are asked about him, they say, oh, he's just an entertainer, he's a comedian, oh, that's Rush, what a kidder he is, and look at those OTHER people, get on them, don't get on Rush, what THEY said was bad, even worse.

    The arguments are dumb and don't make sense. There seems to be more effort in making up stupid propaganda excuses for Rush than there seems to be any effort to correct this all attack mode all the time.

    All indications show this double down effort by Rush Limbaugh is going to be the norm for him from now on.

    But, on the other hand, a lot of American people, PARTICULARLY women, simply don't like it.

    Alot of indications show that women simply don't like this vitriole spewing from him. And they are fighting back just as relentlessly and savagely.

    Come November 2012, there's going to be a lot of Tea/Republican Party politicians out of office and knocking on Rush Limbaugh's door asking for a job. Because their silence and inaction signal they have indicated he's their last resort for employment if they get smacked out of office by the overwhelming majority of women voters.

    All of this non-stop total war on women is being noted. And it's simmering. It will reach a boiling point in November 2012.

  10. More partisan blather from both sides.

    Why don't you folks simply declare your own partisan performers/comics as saints and then go and worship them and get it over with?

    While you are at it you can get a law passed by your a united RINO/DINO party to officially ban any discussion of the ongoing incompetence of the party.

  11. Bill Mahr is a fouled mouthed and sometimes funny comedian, period.

    Rush Limbaugh is invited to speak at CPACs (Conservative Political Action Conference) and is a leader of the far right political agenda. He is feared by Republicans running for office because his audience is influenced by his rants. "Lonesome Rhodes" Limbaugh screwed himself by thinking he was untouchable.

    The two CAN NOT be compared and those doing so are ridiculous!

  12. No Obama is much worse than any muslum terriost could ever be, his agenda is to destroy the country from within.

  13. Jim Reid, Thanks for the comedic relief! You don't actually believe that college dropout Rush Limbaugh can think at all do you?

  14. As I'm reading these posts, I'm laughing my rear end off and crying my eyes out, at the same time, and for the same reason, I just can't believe how uninformed we have become. To believe the President of our country doesn't love our country is just plain ludicrous.
    Bill Maher is not the Leader of the Dem. Party, he is just a stand up comedian that skewers everyone.
    As for Limbaugh's apology, That was not an apology, at least one I would accept. Go listen to it again, Rush is a wordsmith and he apologized without apologizing.

  15. Anyone who doesn't recognize a shtick that is (clearly) designed to draw attention to the perpetrator almost deserves to be taken in by such.

  16. Wow, some watch wrestling for entertainment. It is all fake or real depending on your stupidity..
    I am sure there are no left wingers(Mike Malloy,Alan Berg,Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes,Ed Schultz and Montel Williams) out there on the radio so everyone has to listen to Rush!


    Seems as though there are Tea Bags leaking a foul smelling mixture of delusion, misinformation, and discriminatory gender bias -- are these tea bags filled with Tea from China?

    Hmmm.... could communist China be behind the Tea Bag movement??? Seems to fit. A special ops propaganda strategy to subvert democracy. Could Rushbo be a paid operative??

    Yeah, I'm going with this theory.

  18. Jeff as you know and as we've talked back and forth, I disagree.

    I dislike the nasty tone that both sides adopt. I really find it funny that each side has their partisan talkers that they find to be ok no matter what they do.

    Partisanship in general is sidetracking us from important issues that are hounding our country. Just one issue, the treasury is borrowing massive amounts of money to spend on needed services (around 40% of each dollar spent) and meanwhile both parties are consumed by fake controversy such as this.

    Finally, I refuse to continue to be drawn into agreeing with people that are odious for the good of the party. I used to listen to them all and agree with what I saw as good. No longer possible. If we all ignored them the nasty extremes would disappear back where they came from.

  19. Fringe zealots can ignore this post.

    The extremists on each fringe are at war with each other and the middle. They love to engage in repetitive verbal confrontations that often degenerate into name calling. They seek to bring the middle to their fringe viewpoint.

    Face it, zealots on the right and left care passionately for sociopolitical subjects most people find possibly interesting but unimportant. One cannot convince, out argue, nor out fact them. Zealots often reject or ignore established fact or actual math that contradicts their personal beliefs. They can become quite insulted and insulting when you contradict their assertions. In a pinch, they may dump repeated personal messages to "convince" you and then block your reply.

    Historically the middle gets pulled into extremist conflicts because they try to apply logic and debate to passionate illogical zealotry.

    I've gradually re-learned some things I learned while at college. I lost them in the real world of actual cause and effect. For the middle of the roaders here I would say:

    Your posts here are to express reasonable opinions. While posting clearly state your opinion or cited facts using neutral language and leave it at that.

    You will almost never convince and should never expect to convince an extremist that they are incorrect in the least detail.

    Your best hope is that you may give a person with an unformed political opinion a refuge in a pointless partisan world.