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Letter to the editor:

Insurance policies offer no freedom

Sat, Mar 24, 2012 (2 a.m.)

In response to Ray Lillehaug’s letter, “What’s good for the goose is ...,” asking conservatives to deny men coverage for Viagra, etc.:

I want companies and insurance companies to have the freedom to cover whatever conditions they choose and not have the government force them. This whole discussion is not about birth control; it’s about freedom and whether individuals or companies have the freedom to cover whatever medical conditions they deem appropriate.

My son is in his late 20s. He needs a policy with coverage for catastrophic illnesses but not illnesses that strike older people. Unfortunately, the state where he resides has minimum requirements for health plans, which mandate coverage he doesn’t need or want. He pays twice as much as necessary for his coverage because he has to pay for services he won’t use for the next 30 years. This is not the American way, but this is our future if we do not rethink the size of our government.

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  1. Gee, we all have something we don't want to pay for. Childless homeowners pay for schools through property taxes. Others pay for parks they never use. We pay for alot of garbage on TV that we don't want. The list goes on.

    Your complaint is nothing new. It has gone one for decades, even before minimum standards.

  2. The letter writer states that his son "..needs a policy with coverage for catastrophic illnesses but not illnesses that strike older people". I submit that they are one and the same. Cancer for example. There is no particular age when cancer strikes, and with few exceptions, it can become quite catastrophic and very expensive to treat. It is interesting to note that the STATE where his son resides imposes mandates regarding what type of coverage he must purchase. If that's the case, that state has ALREADY chosen to mandate coverage even as the SCOTUS has yet to decide the legality of that mandate federally under Obamacare. Mandates are alive and well here in Las Vegas. Caesars Entertainment currently MANDATES several preventive/screening procedures that their employees MUST submit to, or lose their medical insurance. It would seem to me that all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Obamacare federal mandate is a tempest in a teapot.

  3. Re Carmine. The Supremes will approach the issue from Constitutional Law, and not some popularity poll. Of course any judicial body that would rule as they did on Citizens United is suspect.

  4. If your 20 year old son is in good health, then the very low risk he presents to his insurer should be reflected in his premium.

    Then again, insurance companies exist for the sole purpose of squeezing every last penny they can out of policy holders for the benefit of their shareholders, so his premium may not be a true reflection of the risk he actually presents.

  5. People complain that government is to big. With the new mandatory health care law for all It's citizens, Is getting even bigger.Guess what with 48 million people without health insurance guess who gets stuck paying the bills for the uninsured the American taxpayer. Of course nobody talks about this as being a part of the big government.Wake up and see things as they really are.

  6. The writer is probably opposed to ovarian cancer coverage because half of us will never use it. Same for prostate cancer coverage. The claim that his son's premiums are twice what they would otherwise be is equally incredible but good ror the b.p. (bithchin' points not blood pressure)

  7. Re gogowhitesox. I'll break it to you gently. Medical insurance is ALREADY one size fits all. It's not some ala cart buffet where you can pick and choose what you will be covered for and what you won't. The letter writer clearly points that out. You do have a choice though. Drop all your medical insurance, and pay your way out of pocket

    I don't care what Pelosi opines on this or any other subject and never cited anything she may have said on the health care insurance as a premise for my comments. She has a right to her opinions just as you and I do.

    Re Carmine. Another comment somehow linking my posts with Pelosi's opinion on the matter. If laws were passed or not passed on the basis of opinion polls we could do away with the Supreme Court, Congress, the Senate and the office of the President. My comment on the Citizens United decision was meant to point out that no governing body is right 100% of the time. The Citizens United decision was wrong. That is my OPINION, and you are entitled to yours.

  8. The letter writer points out that his young son has to pay for coverage he does not need at this time. He also states that most of the coverage that he has only pertains to older people. Guess what he will be a older person one day and need this coverage. It's like saying I'm finished with my public school education and now that I'm working I don't need to pay school taxes any longer.The younger pay for what they will need later on In life.Just like the older have been paying since they were young.School taxes and health care will always be with us.

  9. Moreland hit the nail on the head when he wrote that the mandate isn't about health insurance - it's about widening the power of government over our choices and freedoms. Even in his dopey way, the functionally illiterate Simmons acknowledges that government is the problem - not the answer - by interfering in the free market. Why shouldn't health insurers be able to offer their policies nationwide? We buy auto insurance, life insurance and homeowners insurance from national companies, why not health insurance? When we go to a restaurant, we have a whole menu of choices. Why not the same in choosing what we want to be protected from when we are looking into buying health insurance? The only role for goverment drones in the health insurance industry is to see to it that the companies are honest, financially viable and not to "mandate" anything. As for dipstick. He's a typical, hypocritical liberal. Frugal as all get out with his own money; prolifigate with everyone elses. Why should he care what anything costs as long as someone else is footing the bill? He's all for letting his grandkids pay tomorrow for his selfish needs today!

  10. How many of you realize and understand a mandate is a Republican idea?

    It was Republicans who insisted on it which is why it's part of Romneycare.

    Of course as usual, once anyone left of far right ideology suggests something similar, the right switch positions doing a 180, often commenting "I never said that."

  11. Mr Lind is absolutely correct. OLD people utilize about $500 billion in medical services out of nearly $3 trillion in expenditures. Young people are putting emergency rooms out of business with reckless behavior. 123 million emergence room visits last year and there are just over 1700 emergence rooms. 2500 in 1990. People under 30 are the most likely to end up in one.
    The problem with giving insurance the ability to deny coverage is that they will refuse coverage to those who are the sickest. They could care less about contraception. Its cancer and heart disease that is killing them.
    Truman tried bringing single payer to the US. The AMA and UAW came out against and he dropped it. Unions and special interests created this mess.

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    It is disturbing to remove what would otherwise be a fine comment because it contains a single objectinable item, which is why some comments remain when weighed in their entirety. But the truth of the matter is that the practice of refering to other users by way of an altered name violates the Reader Agreement in many cases.

    Please exercise proper judgement or comments will be removed that are otherwise valid.

  13. http://www.politifact.com/subjects/healt...
    I terms of the new law and healthcare in general there have been hundreds of lies. The above link goes over them all.
    The bottom line is people are losing employer Based insurance in record numbers. It is very difficult to get comprehensive individual insurance. The consequence being massive wealth destruction from medical costs, and soon 100 million will be on medicaid, medicare, SSDI with 60 million uninsured.
    The Tom Coburn GOP solution. Have people eat better and more insurance options, in addition to the 5000 or more plans we currently have....give me a break.
    The US and Mexico are the only two countries with profit based medical care. Get rid of it. Charging people trillions for medical when most folks can't come up with a grand is rich.

  14. If you don't want to pay for someones else's health problems, then don't buy insurance. After all, that is the definition of insurance - spreading the cost among many people. If you only want coverage for catastrophic illnesses but not illnesses that strike older people, fine. But you are still going to be paying for other people's catastrophic illnesses and they are going to be paying for your illnesses. It's just that there will probably be a lot less people to share the cost with.

  15. "What's your point, Vernos, because in the nineties the Republicans had a bad position and then came to their senses?"

    In a conversation I had with a rational buddy who was raised in a steadfast Republican family, he said, "they would rather be crazy than wrong."

  16. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/...
    The Obamacare cost estimate you refer to is a complete fabrication. MADE UP!!!!
    The conservative right thinks they can get cost containment by getting people to eat better. Conservative states are the most obese in the country ...good luck!
    As of 2008 about 85,000 people had exceeded maximum insurance limits which are typically $1-2 million. Obamacare isn't perfect but it is more viable than telling people to eat more vegetables.
    Mary Brown was the lead plaintiff in the healthcare suit. She didn't have insurance, didn't want it, and she said she should't be forced to buy it. She went bust because of medical bills and had to pull out.
    Thanks Mary now the rest of us get stuck with your f.....g medical bills.

  17. http://www.gallup.com/poll/150692/Employ...
    Mr Schillmoeller....all due respect employers have been dropping people for years. That is one of the reasons only half the country still has employer sponsored insurance. These trends have been in affect since costs started to escalate in the 80s.
    In addition coinsurance and deductibles have risen dramatically and coverage has lessened. Currently 60% of bankruptcies have a medical component. 78% of BK. filers have medical insurance.

  18. Looks like somebody's feeling have been hurt and he needs his security blankie to comfort him as he sucks his thumb. What say you, dipstick? Feeling a bit blue? Joseph & I know how much it must hurt you to be called out with the truth, but, man up, little one. Maybe you'll receive a phone call from your Lord & Master, Osama Obama, telling you how much he feels your pain. Or, you can always shell out $36,000 to meet the man with the Cheshire-cat-like grin. He will be more than happy to lull you to sleep with more of his fairy tales about how good you'll have it when the boot is pressed to your throat by government drones. It's pretty obvious you are naive enough to fall for his clap-trap. Now, grab that little security blankie, curl up with a good thumb-sucking session and get some rest.

  19. The republicans want to end "Obama Care" and once again allow insurance companies to be able to deny people health insurance based on pre-existing conditions. Then they want to give seniors vouchers to purchase health insurance on the "open market." But insurance companies will be able to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. How is that going to work out? (Talk about death panels.)

  20. Good letter.

    Any form of public insurance mandate is another form of sucking from those of us who choose to make a better life for ourselves and enable those who choose to be no good for nothing lazy pathetic people.

    Sure there are truly the ones who need medical assistance or help, these ones we have no problem helping or taking care of. It is the career blood suckers that we're sick of paying for along with the illegal immigrants.

    Until the system is fixed and stops the enabling, I for one could care a less what happens to any of them, no more freebies for the lazy gene pool and illegal's.

  21. Gentlemen: let's call a truce or the moderator will begin to suffer from writers cramp by having to remove so many inflammatory comments. What did he do to deserve this? Give the guy a chance to catch his breath, okay?

  22. Obamacare sucks. We should have a choice, not be forced by the government to support other people who can't afford health care.