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Assemblyman Brooks arrested on charges of domestic violence, obstruction

Published Sun, Feb 10, 2013 (12:02 p.m.)

Updated Mon, Feb 11, 2013 (8:12 a.m.)

Police on Sunday again have arrested embattled Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks, D-North Las Vegas, this time after a report that he allegedly attacked a family member.

Officers arrived at Brooks' home around 12:30 a.m. at 6007 Turtle River Avenue to find that he was “agitated and refused to obey officers’ commands,” Metro Police said.

As officers tried to take him into custody, police said, Brooks fought them. In a news release, Metro said the 40-year-old “at one point attempted to secure one of the officers' weapons.”

Police arrested the Las Vegas resident on counts of obstructing police and domestic battery.

A court hearing for Brooks scheduled for Monday morning was continued.

Sunday's arrest is Brooks' latest clash with authorities. On Jan. 19, he was arrested with a loaded gun after reportedly making threats to Democratic Speaker-elect Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

A week later, he was detained for psychiatric evaluation after police were called to a disturbance at his grandmother’s house.

Assembly leaders have planned to investigate whether Brooks is fit for duty, a move that could oust the assemblyman from the Legislature.

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  1. Anyone still doubt this guy is nuttier than a fruit cake and has been getting special treatment? He should have been locked up in the loony bin long ago. Whats it take to get screwballs such as Brooks off the street? Has he got to kill someone first? Quit monkeying around with this time-bomb and lock him up!

  2. Well, now that he is charged with domestic battery, it will be illegal for him to possess a firearm (gun). Let's see if he continues to get special treatment or if he remain behind bars for a while. There is surly something wrong with him. It might be time to commit him to a mental hospital for long term care. The crap about getting care for a few days just didn't work. The Legislature needs to expel him and get someone quickly to represent his district.

  3. To say Mr. Brooks is going through a bit of a rough patch would be an understatement.

  4. Hopefully Assemblyman Brooks gets the professional help he needs, and that his circle of family and friends will support him through this life crisis.

    All involved should be seeing the warning signs, the indicators, pointing to the fact this troubled man needs care now. As a community, we should also support the efforts that he gets the needed help. It is unfortunate, to say the least, even more so, that it is being played in public life. Our prayers are with you, Mr.Brooks.

    Blessings and Peace,

  5. How does someone already out on bail for a violent crime allegation get yet another low bail for a subsequent violent crime allegation?

  6. While it would be easy to criticize all the local media for stories that are more suitable for the National Enquirer, I will stick to two points.

    1) Instead of just repeating the musings of various parties in this mess regarding what they will and won't or can and can't do, do some research into the facts of what can and can't be done.

    2) The local media, Metro and (most importantly) Brook's lawyer suck at reading the law.

    From NRS 41.071(d)

    Under the constitutional doctrines of separation of powers and legislative privilege and immunity, State Legislators must not be hindered or obstructed by executive or judicial oversight that realistically threatens to control their conduct as Legislators.

  7. I agree with the comments of Star and Steve Miller. They express two different perspectives.

    Star expresses the compassion that recognizes the reality of one enduring a presumed mental illness that is not controlled. I echo her hopes that he is able to get the help and support he needs. I also hope healing can take place for all those effected.

    Steve expresses the factual reality of the law and process, with the fact that we do not have all the information on the personal experience of Mr. Brooks.

    We have no access to the professional diagnosis and recommendations in his medical records.

    Thank you to both of you for showing me a healthy and just way of viewing and commenting on this personal human experience.

  8. Just shows you how hard it is to get a dangerous nut off the streets, This a problem that needs fixing before they worry about taking everyone's guns

  9. The Brook's case illustrates Nevada's pathetic (or is it apathetic?) response to a person who is mentally ill and a danger to himself and the community.

    The Assemblyman's principal legislative contribution may turn out to be as a poster child for adequate mental health treatment in Nevada.

  10. Like Jim Weber I believe this case illustrates the lack of mental health services but even more, based on some of the comments, it reflects overt bigotry and hatred. The pejorative terms directed at Rep. Brooks and folk with mental illness clearly demonstrate that active bigots are alive and well [or not well, as the case may be]

  11. Gee, Scott Miller, let's have Brooks come to visit you at your house. You seem to not give a hoot if he is a danger since he poses none to you. What a guy you are. As for Weber, same old tired drivel: "It's society's fault." BS. If Brooks is responsible enough to be an Assembyman, he's certainly responsible enough to be held accountable for his own actions. He's a time-bomb ready to explode and I, for one, wouldn't want to be in his vicinity when he does.

  12. Mr. Fink, if we just dump everyone with issues, we'd not be safe on our streets. I agree that when one is "sick" one is NOT excused. There is no way we can pay all the "professionals" who'd like to evaluate, monitor, test and treat 24/7 for year upon year--on our health care dimes and/or taxpayer expense. That's why we have prisons. Whether it is "sickness" or "poor choices", in order to allow society to survive, we must take them out of our midst. The current system of waiting until they do something VIOLENT and then give them a few more chances even after they kill is just not working well. The first, and every subsequent, time that someone is violent they must suffer real consequences--so those who are capable of "learning", learn that they cannot behave like that. Statistics are often MISINTERPRETED suggesting Americans lock up a large percentage--but we do NOT. We keep letting the same perpetrators out so they can do it again, to more victims, to the public, to us and of course, to our economy. One might wonder if it's a conspiracy of the lawyers and court systems seeking compensation--running these people through the courts over and over again has precluded many cases that need to be arbitrated (in court) and results in plea bargains when they should be convicted of the offenses they committed. As for Mr. Brooks, it's time he EXPLAIN HIMSELF and consider moving it on to something not so public. His family has attempted to deal with his issues--they may make the decisions since he's failing to decide.

  13. To my point on conspiracy of lawyers: If you've had the tv or internet on you've seen Jodi Arias testifying ENDLESSLY about what she did, thought, and felt throughout her life. ENDLESS babble--we are paying her public defender on a cost-plus basis for every minute they can waste in and out of the courtrooms.

  14. LastThroes: If you'd bother to involve yourself in the budgetary process, you would see that over the last 20 years, ALL AVAILABLE REVENUE has been DUMPED INTO K-12. DHHS always gets a back seat. Even during the prosperous years, there was never enough of an increase for K-12 according to K-12--remember Governor Guinn with the largest tax increase ever and dumping it ALL into K-12? They've even pulled tobacco-settlement money into giveaways for education. If education was the answer, why does it keep getting worse (education, our local economy)?

  15. Nice point happyleper: IF you were a verified poster more people would see your witty commentary.

  16. lvfacts101,

    I think you miss my point. The law should be followed in all cases, those with responsibility to enforce or defend it cannot just make it up as they go along and for the media to report as if they can makes them into gossip and scandal sheets. Furthermore, although I don't explicitly state it. The legislators now in fear of him could have at anytime in the past budgeted money for mental problems or changed their own immunity laws. Also members of the legislature are proposing that teachers be allowed to be armed. Why don't they grant that privilege to themselves. Then everything will be alright. Right?

  17. Finally the dems have someone as nutty as Sharron Angle.

  18. Obviously this person has Mental Issues and is in serious need for treatment. Please look at how many Public Mental Treatment Facilities are available for anyone needing help. He Is Employed and Being Sick should be a reason to be fired from your job should be OK to most posters on this blog.
    What if You had a family, were diagnosed with a problem (mental, Cancer, etc..) and then Fired. Acceptable? While he needs to be in an institution to make every attempt to reintegrate him into society, Firing People because they are sick can lead to a slippery slope.

    P.S. Sharon Angle was Neither Sick nor had Mental Issues. Her Issues were with Ultra Conservative Tea Party Politics that had some very crazy policies but we still have Dean Heller who thinks the same way, however is smart enough to keep them hidden locally and votes with them in his Tea Party groups mission to Gridlock Washington.