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Twitter debate: Is Southern Nevada still losing higher education money to the North?

Sat, Feb 16, 2013 (2 a.m.)

Assembly Majority Leader William Horne, D-Las Vegas, and Nevada System of Higher Education Regent Jason Geddes argued over Twitter during a committee hearing Friday. The question at stake: Who wins and who loses under the higher education system's new funding formula?

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  1. Southern Nevada has the bulk of population and the increased need, as far as looking at the WHOLE Nevada picture. With the recent draconian budget cuts, it would definitely help Southern Nevada recover, especially in regards to supporting education as a whole and attracting NEW businesses. My vote: NOW!!!

    Blessings and Peace,

  2. To be clear ... 85% of ALL Nevada revenue comes from Vegas because the north will never vote to tax mining which is the industry that could contribute.

    It's really annoying to see the northerners not realizing that the tax revenue comes from Vegas. We are forced to throw it into the general fund. It's then redistributed to us. So we pay 85%. We get back 50%.

    To be clear -- 25% of the students in the north receive 50% of the money (most of which comes from Vegas). 75% of the students live in Vegas make due with 50% of the general fund. How generous of the north to allow Vegas to receive back some of its funds.

    More annoying ... The north elects very conservative representatives who vote against revenue raising. They take with one hand and slap Vegas with the other like Vegas is the naughty child?

    This "Nevada Plan" stinks. How about Vegas money stays in Vegas unil the northerners vote for mining or business on their end of the state to pay their fair share.

    And by the way .... A Vegas student should be worth just as much as a student from Eureaka.