Give Dreamers an honest effort

DACA Dreamer Kjaris Gonzalez was very kind to share her story in the June 25 guest column, “I want to help Nevada, but Trump puts my future in doubt.” It is a story that members of Congress should read every day.

Kjaris’ siblings are American citizens by birth and should write their congressional representatives demanding action. Explaining their failure to act in addressing the problem of comprehensive immigration reform is real and worthy of a solution. It is not about their re-election but about solving problems.

It was necessary for President Barack Obama to create a program like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, as the magnitude of the problem could no longer be ignored. Caravans of future prospective undocumented immigrants like Gonzalez’s parents were attempting to breach a porous, out-of-control Southern border.

A program of amnesty and pathway to citizenship for DACA designees will follow once Congress acts. Many first-generation immigrants are very productive, like Gonzalez and her parents. Congress, get to work.