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Vegas Play of the Day: Diamondbacks at Blue Jays

Sat, Jun 8, 2019 (8:21 a.m.)

The fifth season of the annual Play of the Day betting competition between the Sun’s sports staff is now under way, effective July 1.

Bankrolls start at $10,000 for each of the four participants, with the objective to increase it as much as possible over the next year. The minimum daily wager is $300, with a $200 penalty assessed for failing to place a bet on an assigned day.

Past winners are Case Keefer in 2017-2018, Ray Brewer in 2016-2017 and 2015-2016, and Taylor Bern in 2014-2015.

Toronto Blue Jays plus-130 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks, $700 to win $910: There’s good value at plus-130 today with the Blue Jays. It’s tough on teams like Arizona who play in the National League West to travel to face teams in the American League East, especially when those games have an early start like today. It’s the same theory in college football nonleague games when west coast teams have early kickoffs in another time zone.

Toronto starter Aaron Sanchez hasn’t been awful this season with a 3.95 earned run average and has yielded just one home run in his last 24 innings pitched. And, more important, Arizona has a 3-7 record in its last 10 games after a hot start to the season. The Diamondbacks, finally, look like that rebuilding team many expected them to be.

It’s important to note that Arizona starter Zach Greinke had his turn in the rotation pushed back a day because of a stiff neck. That, too, brings small value for betting Toronto.

Current Standings: Keefer (37-38-2, $9,246), Brewer (24-23-2, $7,970), Emerson (12-10, $5,862), Grimala (23-25-1, $2,325)

Ray Brewer can be reached at 702-990-2662 or [email protected]. Follow Ray on Twitter at

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