Cats and Sin City International Cat Show

Come attend “Strip Tease,” the third annual International Cat Show hosted by Cats and Sin City Cat Club at the Alexis Park Resort Hotel. Over sixty breeds of cats representing the best of the best examples of their breed will be in attendance, including Bengals, Persians, Sphynx, Bobtails, Savannahs, Siamese, and many other exotic and rare breeds. Meet the breeds and buy toys, treats, t-shirts, art and more from one of our many vendors for your special kitty at home. Sunday there will be a special judging of cats and kittens looking for homes from the Las Vegas cat rescue group All Fur Love along with a special presentation for the public about how to groom and show your pet cats at an international cat show. For more information, contact Susanna Shon at (702) 448-3941 or via e-mail at [email protected]

Event posted: Jan. 31, 2011
Last updated: Feb. 1, 2011