Mark lavish Dunes hotel opening today

Desert Miracle’ dwarfs Arabian nights splendor

Mon, May 23, 1955 (5 a.m.)

Modern in form, with cool, clean exterior lines, Las Vegas' newest luxury hotel, the Dunes, has employed some of America's leading designers to transform its interior into a 20th Century version of the legendary Baghdad of the Arabian Nights, and the atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights, with its lush and lovely fairy tale quality, has been recreated at the Dunes.

The Dunes, opening officially to the public today, is designed to grow. Located on an 85-acre site, it fronts for almost a quarter of a mile on Highway 91 and is the most southerly of the major hotels in Las Vegas. Its main buildings center on a giant patio 86,000 square feet in area.

The Dunes opens with 200 rooms, but plans are under way to turn it into a virtual resort city in itself, incorporating an elaborate, self-contained shopping center and several dozen private estates, luxurious vacation homes whose owners will have access to the many facilities of the hotel.

In addition, a five-story building will be added to bring the guest capacity to 700.

Spearheading the Dunes operation are its president Joe Sullivan, and Al Gottesman, vice president.

Gottesman, active vice-president, is widely known for his work in the hotel field and the entertainment business.

For many years he operated a large chain of theatres along the eastern seaboard which he later sold to Warners, and which became the nucleus of the vast Stanley-Warner chain.

Hard-working Al Gottesman brings a quarter of a century of successful experience to the Dunes.

Genial Joe Sullivan comes to the Dunes from a career as one of New England's most successful restaurateurs. In his short time as a Las Vegan he already has earned a host of friends, and his large following in the New England States is certain to find a warm Las Vegas welcome from their former host.

Moderate damage resulted from a fire ignited by burning food on a stove in the trailer of Jay Clary, 9231⁄2 H street. A fire from unknown causes did slight damage to another trailer, at 506 Van Buren, occupied by Maggie Cox.

No injuries were reported during the day from fires.

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