Columnist Kate Maddox: Get a hunka burnin’ love

Fri, Apr 14, 2000 (9:25 a.m.)

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Single? Looking for love? Always had a yen for the muscular hero-type with a penchant for spotted dogs and suspenders? Then turn up at the Nitro Grill tonight at the Excalibur hotel-casino and snag yourself a firefighter.

The Nitro Grill, along with fellow sponsors the Sporting House, KXPT 97.1-FM and Roadrunner salons, are auctioning off dates with 25 of Las Vegas' bachelor firefighters to raise money for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. The proceeds raised tonight will go to helping send children who have been victims of severe burns to summer camp.

The crew heading up the event, which is being emceed by Las Vegas Assemblyman David Goldwater and Channel 8's Sherry Swensk, hope that the hunky blue-collar studs will raise a bundle for the cause.

Most of the men come with date packages. The winning women not only get a date, they may also find themselves with tickets to a show, or a day at a spa or bottle of champagne and chocolates. For the more adventurous dater, one of the guys' packages includes sky-diving.

Most of the bidding will start in the $75 range. And ladies, don't be shy: If your friends get on you about "buying" a man, just tell them it's for a good cause.

Prince Albert of Monaco was in town this week taking a little stateside vacation. The 42-year-old bachelor prince, who has been linked with just about every supermodel and/or attractive socialite in the western hemisphere at one point or another, dined with friends at the Desert Inn's Portofino restaurant. He also made a stop at Napa restaurant at the Rio.

No stranger to the various ins and outs of a gambling town -- his tiny principality boasts one of the swankiest casinos on the Riviera -- Prince Albert voiced his support of Italian developer Fabrizio Boccardi in his bid to buy the D.I. Boccardi, an old pal of the prince's, recently made a $200 million cash offer for the hotel and golf course.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl Daniela Pestova will be at the Victoria's Secret at the Forum Shops at Caesars this evening to promote the lingerie store's newest venture: a fragrance called HALO.

As if buying lingerie wasn't difficult enough for the self-conscious, Saturday you can do your shopping under the watchful eye of one of the most beautiful women in the world. Pestova, who is one of the Victoria's Secret "Angels," has been on the covers of numerous fashion magazines and she has also modeled in the increasingly popular Victoria's Secret runway show.

Pestova will be on hand today to answer questions about: modeling (this can only prove to be fascinating information); her beauty routine (don't forget to bring a pen); and "what it's like to model when the only thing that's covering essential body parts is sexy intimate apparel" (insert your own snide comeback here). Let's look on the bright side: For you ladies, it will probably be the one time that your man will ever enter a Victoria's Secret voluntarily.

Wayne Newton, who is extremely passionate about his Indian heritage, has put together a "dream team" of scientists in order to uncover the remains of the princess Pocahontas, and bring her back to America from her current resting place in England.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday that Newton pleaded with renowned forensic scientist Henry Lee, as well as pathologist Michael Baden, to help find Pocahontas -- who was buried 383 years ago -- and bring her "home" to Virginia. Newton is not paying the scientists for their services, but he is footing the bill for their expenses and he'll perform free of charge at this year's annual American Academy of Forensic Science conference.


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