Letter to the editor:

‘Buffett rule’ is a distraction

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 (2:01 a.m.)

Unemployment is still over 8 percent. Businesses aren’t hiring. The Democratic Senate has not presented a budget in almost three years. The president presented a budget that was voted down 414-0. We now have gotten word that the monthly deficit for March of 2012 was a shade under $200 billion. Entitlements are careening toward insolvency. Medicare “as we know it” will explode within 10 years if nothing is done now to fix the problem.

Considering all of these massive issues, who could ever imagine that the president would spend almost all his time touting the “Buffett rule”? This insignificant issue, along with the removal of “Big Oil” subsidies — the result of passage for both would be $8.7 billion a year in revenue or our deficit spending for two days — has been the focus of Air Force One travel and numerous press conferences. Even the White House admitted that the “Buffett rule” will do nothing to control the debt — they are just issues of “fairness.”

What’s not fair is having a president decide to stop working for the people of this country and put the pressing needs of citizens on the back burner to present social doctrine to his base. We need jobs, Mr. President, not platitudes about how you think millionaires should be paying another couple percent in taxes. Please get to work helping the unemployed as opposed to trying to win elections with rhetoric about false issues.

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