Letter to the editor:

Time to tell leaders what we ‘must’ do

Thu, Jun 7, 2012 (2 a.m.)

Our Congress and our president are great at deciding what we must have and must do. We “must” stay in Afghanistan. We “must” keep the structure and benefits for Social Security and Medicare exactly as they are. We “must” always increase military spending. We “must” provide foreign aid to hundreds of nations. We “must” spend billions on infrastructure, education and energy.

Our Congress and our president are terrible at deciding how we pay for all that and more. Cut spending in other areas? Oh, no, we can’t do that! Raise taxes on everyone? Oh, no, we can’t do that!

And therein lies the problem. Whether it be former President George W. Bush and Congress, President Barack Obama and Congress or a President Mitt Romney and Congress, if we allow the above to continue, we will all get exactly what we deserve — a devastated economy and largely reduced standard of living.

So when this election is over, regardless of the result, we all better stop sitting on the sidelines and start forcing our leaders to decide how to pay for all the must do’s without borrowing and printing more money.

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