Letter to the editor:

Uncertainty not pinned to Obama

Sun, Jun 24, 2012 (2 a.m.)

It was interesting to read Kevin Alexander’s recent letter blaming President Barack Obama for the slow recovery. He says that businesses “are sitting on plenty of cash” because they are afraid to invest it pending the outcome of Obamacare and the election. Really? It’s the Republican-controlled House and the unprecedented rate of filibustering in the Senate that prevent adoption of many of the president’s policies.

How did these businesses get all this cash if the Obama administration’s policies have been so anti-business? Got a problem with your mortgage? Per Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, bankruptcy and the market bottoming out will solve this problem. Democrats want to improve the economy by increasing government spending with job programs that would enhance income for teachers, firefighters, police officers and more. More income increases tax revenues, stabilizes home ownership and encourages consumer purchasing.

Has anyone pressed our governor to put in place policies to help solve these issues? Is the only solution laying off more workers and complaining that the jobless rate is going up?

The letter writer asked, “How and when are we going to pay this back?” referring to the debt. The answer is not by putting back in control the party that started it in the first place, Republicans. You know, the same ones who shut the government down and cheered at the lowering of the U.S. credit rating.

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