Bling for your chakras: Can crystals heal?

Sun, Aug 20, 2017 (2 a.m.)

Did you know?

Also known as crystal waters, gem elixirs are created with purified water and pulverized crystals that have been cleansed, charged, and programmed with intention for specific chakra work. Drops can be placed under the tongue.

You knew gems and crystals were made into beautiful jewelry, but did you know they’re also used to promote wellness?

Crystal healing is touted as a way to redirect and transform energy by focusing on the frequencies produced in certain stones and points of the body. It may sound like a fad, but the practice has been around for thousands of years, and devoted users believe it can complement other treatments for life’s ills.

What is the premise?

“Everything is energy,” says Tammy Wood, certified crystal healer and reiki master at Vegas Crystal Healings. She believes crystals can absorb, deflect, realign, detoxify and shift energy in the body, with the potential to aid a person’s overall health. They are believed to interact with the subtle vibrations coming from an individual.

Healing from head to toe

While every practice is different, most crystal healing follows a similar format: various stones and crystals are placed over specific points on the body called “chakras.” Chakras are believed in Eastern medicine to be the energy centers of the body and the vessels of subconscious beliefs and traumas. The idea is that working on the energy flow in these areas can create transformative results.

Trauma and chakras

Specialists trained in crystal healing believe that trauma in life can affect a chakra (see below for explanation of chakras), causing physical and emotional pain through the blockage of energy. Wood explained that someone who had experienced great loss would feel pain in the heart chakra, while someone unable to speak his or her truth might find issues in the throat chakra. She added that patients of hers who’d been victims of physical and mental abuse tended to have issues connected with their root chakra — related to self-worth, security and sexuality.

Caring for crystals

Because crystals are purported to carry the energy they pull from people and the environment around them, they should be cleansed regularly, Wood says. Sage is the quickest, simplest method, done by holding the crystals near the smoke after lighting just the end of the sage bundle. From there, crystals should be stored in a natural, wood box and wrapped in cotton cloth to deflect energy.

Commonly used materials

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A. Black Tourmaline B. Citrine C. Aventurine D. Hematite E. Rose Quartz F. White Selenite G. Amethyst

Crystals can be bought and placed in corners of the home or office, and they can be worn in bracelets, rings or necklaces.

In both scenarios, energy is thought to emanate from them.

A. Black Tourmaline: For those seeking protection and comfort, this stone is used to help absorb negativity and produce positive energy. Root chakra

B. Citrine: Said to invite prosperity and abundance, it might be kept in a purse or wallet to help manifest financial success and opportunities or even weight loss. Crown, Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras

C. Aventurine: Considered good luck, a booster of self-confidence and an attractor of genuine, lasting relationships. Heart chakra

D. Hematite: Used to ground and connect, this protection stone also gets users in touch with the Earth and the present moment. Greek soldiers are said to have used hematite in protection rituals before battle. Root chakra

E. Rose Quartz: Symbolizing love and tied to the heart chakra, this stone is typically used to heal relationship troubles and emotional trauma and to bring tranquility. In ancient Egypt, turquoise, quartz and topaz adorned tombs, as they were believed to protect the dead. Heart chakra

F. White Selenite: Can be programmed by a healer to help with a multitude of issues; reflects divine white light and provides connection to a higher self. Crown, Third Eye and Sacral chakras

G. Amethyst: Tied to the crown chakra and the third eye, it is said to relieve stress and anxiety and to provide clarity. Crown and Third Eye chakras

Celebrities who swear by crystals

• Adele: The Grammy-winning singer uses crystals before shows, and shared in an interview that she had her worst performance after losing them.

• Kylie Jenner: The star of reality TV and social media shared a picture of a recent crystal purchase — and got 794,000 likes for the photo.

• Miranda Kerr: The model shared on her KORA blog that she uses clear quartz and rose quartz crystal wands for directing energy.

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