Letters to the Editor:

Trump working against workers

Sat, Dec 2, 2017 (2 a.m.)

President Donald Trump is not a maverick or a political outsider. He is one of the good-old boys.

He continues the failed policy of granting hefty tax breaks to megacorporations so the corporate czars can continue investing their profits overseas. So much for trickle-down-economics — the exploited American worker no longer even gets the table scraps.

Trump is enabling these corporate corsairs by rewarding their treasonous and treacherous behavior, allowing them to fill their coffers with money that should be going to the American worker.

The exploited American laborer has no one to turn to and no one to listen to his or her pleas for a fair and equitable share of corporate profits — profits that would be impossible for any corporation to obtain without their workers’ time and efforts.

The common worker gets no sympathy from any quarter in society and is spiritually starved with the tasteless fare offered by McChurches that supply them with happy meal sermons.

Let’s stop this silly nonsense from some media that try to depict Trump as an outsider who is protecting the little guy. He is protecting megacorporations and they are protecting themselves only — not their workers. Greedy corporations have proven they will not police themselves, and Trump has proven that he is not the sheriff to corral them.

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