State Senate passes insulin-price bill tough on drugmakers

Fri, May 19, 2017 (1:59 p.m.)

CARSON CITY — Nevada state senators have passed a proposal aiming to force pharmaceutical companies to disclose how they set insulin prices.

Sen. Yvanna Cancela's bill would require drugmakers to annually publish the list prices they set and profits they make on insulin. They'd also have to reveal the total amount of discounts they give market middlemen.

Senate Bill 265 would impose some of the toughest regulations on pharmaceutical companies in the nation.

Supporters claim the disclosure requirements would prompt manufacturers to lower prices.

But market experts say transparency alone won't lower patient costs.

The Las Vegas Democrat removed a provision that would have also required America's three insulin makers to publish their research and manufacturing costs.

Senators voted 19-2 on Friday to pass the bill to the Assembly.

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