Letters to the Editor:

Wealthy win, health loses

On Nov. 2, the House Ways and Means Committee introduced its tax bill. This bill would give tax breaks for the wealthy at the cost of important, lifesaving programs that so many Americans depend on.

According to Americans for Tax Fairness, there will be over $1 trillion in cuts to programs like Medicaid and Medicare. The GOP is using the federal budget to take health care away from people who need and deserve it by proposing huge cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. Someone I care about deeply is alive today due to lifesaving cancer treatments thanks to Medicare. Their life is deemed cost prohibitive under this tax bill. It is not fair for the wealthy to receive tax breaks at the cost of peoples’ lives.

Those trying to push this through will avoid really talking about how they will pay for those big tax breaks — hoping that they can move this bill so fast that no one back home will know what’s going on.

Please think of everyone before voting. Tax breaks for the rich and corporations cost money. That money needs to come from somewhere else in the budget. In this case, it’s most likely to come from massive cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. When the time comes, I hope we can depend on Sen. Dean Heller to vote against the tax bill and protect his constituents’ health care once again.