Letter to the editor:

Many are hurt by Trump’s choices

Absent an unstable economy, it took President Donald Trump’s genius to cause the dollar on the Intercontinental Exchange U. S. Dollar Index to fall from more than 100 to less than 90 within one year.

If you make washing machines or solar panels, you may be pleased with Trump’s policies. However, you would be less pleased if you were a farmer getting a lower price for grains sold on the international market, or if you installed solar panels and lost your job because fewer homeowners could afford them, or if you find that the $800 phone you need to replace now costs more than $900.

The economy is essentially a continuation of Barack Obama’s economic recovery momentum, and the book is still open on how Trump’s policies will affect the domestic economy. More certain is the likelihood that Trump’s international economic policies will harm the nation and the common man. Unlike in the business world, a “legal bankruptcy” option to increase wealth at the expense of others is no longer available to Trump. The country and all ordinary citizens require consideration when making international decisions.