Letter to the editor:

Guilty by association?

Does the saying “guilt by association” apply to racism? Would Fox News be considered racist because it defends, supports, promotes and lies when it comes to President Donald Trump’s racist words and actions?

Would Trump’s base, or most of it, be considered racist because it treats his ideology as gospel? Is his base, because of his tweets, actions and policies, creating a modern KKK movement minus the hoods?

Trump is the great divider when presidents should strive to be great uniters. He has been successful at establishing a base that solidly backs him.

One shame of it all is that he has convinced some good people into being complicit in his behavior. A recent example of this is trying to cover up for his vulgar language referring to Africa and Haiti. Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen lied to protect him. They are complicit in protecting the president’s version of the meeting.

But they are no worse than the people who remain silent as he continues his destructive behavior.

Silence in Germany brought Adolf Hitler to power. Don’t allow yourself to become guilty through silence, complicity or denial.