Letter to the editor:

Newspaper used to spread fascism

Fascism is a strong word. But I could think of no other when reading Wayne Allyn Root’s screed in the Jan. 24 edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He labels liberal opposition as having a “mental illness.” The first order of business for fascists is to make the opposition in some way defective.

Then, he is all for “Erasing Barack Obama like he never existed.” That’s what fascists do to former leaders of their country.

Root then froths at the mouth over Donald Trump’s recent executive order — an order he called “the most important executive order in the history of America” —allowing the federal government to seize the assets of any person or corporation that participates in any form of corruption. Wow! That idea is on page one of the Fascism 101 textbook.

Root ends his scary diatribe by wanting to “break out the popcorn” to celebrate the “mass arrests” of Hillary Clinton, Obama, their associates, and people in the FBI and Department of Justice. If it doesn’t frighten you that an apparent fascist sympathizer has twice-weekly space in the Review-Jouranal, then I am speechless.