Sandoval to convene superintendents on school safety


Andrew Harnik / AP

Gov. Brian Sandoval waits for President Donald Trump to arrive for a federalism event with governors in the Roosevelt Room at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Tue, Feb 27, 2018 (2:39 p.m.)

Nevada could be getting a commission on school safety, according to the governor’s office.

After the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas killed 58 people and a shooting at a Florida school killed 17, Gov. Brian Sandoval’s office announced today that it would convene the state’s school superintendents and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Steve Canavero to discuss school safety.

“Nevada families have experienced immeasurable loss following several violent and senseless tragedies,” Sandoval said in a statement. “Ensuring the safety of our children in the classroom and providing campuses that are free from danger for all students, from our youngest scholars to those approaching graduation, is of paramount importance.”

Sandoval said the conversation may spur an executive order creating a commission that would loop in students, parents, teachers and other education stakeholders to make legislative recommendations.

President Donald Trump said after the Florida shooting that some teachers should be armed. Sandoval today urged a state-level approach to campus safety, while acknowledging federal reforms would be more appropriate for major gun policy changes.

“Wholesale changes to gun laws should be made at the federal level so they are uniform across state lines,” Sandoval said. “I also understand that suggested solutions have come from Washington related to school environment, specifically arming teachers and other faculty. While it’s important that Washington is aware of the crisis happening in our communities, these discussions must happen at a state and local level where the experts who best understand their districts can have meaningful input on policies that will affect their schools.”

Sandoval’s office said the governor is pushing for the meeting after dozens of National Governors Association members met with Trump at the White House to talk about keeping campuses and students safe.

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