Letter to the editor:

America is not great

What is so great about a country where a mother packs her children’s lunch and sends them off to school, only to have to go to the morgue later and identify the bullet-ridden body of her precious son or daughter?

Is it great that we have seen more than 400 students killed in more than 200 school shootings since the one in Newtown, Conn., in 2012, and Congress has failed to enact one piece of legislation to curb it. Can anyone in Washington claim greatness when a 19-year-old, who is not old enough to buy liquor, is able to buy a semi-automatic weapon and assemble an arsenal of guns with a virtually unlimited number of bullets? Is this acceptable?

Nothing will change until mothers across this nation decide enough is enough. If you want your children to be safe in school or on the street, listen to a mom. If you want sensible gun legislation, preserving hunters’ rights while banning military-style weapons, side with a mom. If you want to solve the health care problem in America, send a mother to Congress and put one in the White House. The good ol’ boys have shown they can’t or won’t solve these issues. Make your voice heard at the ballot box. America can be great again, but it will take the natural instinct of a mother to do what is right to protect and nurture the American family.