Outpouring of resident opposition blocks Las Vegas annexation plans

Thu, Mar 1, 2018 (6:15 p.m.)

Residents have triumphantly prevented Las Vegas' proposed annexation of 10 islands of unincorporated Clark County.

To put a stop to the process, owners representing more than half of the valuation and acreage of the county islands needed to deliver a protest petition — 77 percent of property owners protested, equaling 78 percent of the assessed value of the areas, city spokesman Jace Radke announced today.

Residents delivered more than 1,200 protest letters out of 1,553 properties in the county islands.

Supporters of annexation had said these residents benefit disproportionately from city services that they do not pay for, while those who oppose the plan said the same was true for city residents who benefit from certain county resources.

The county would have lost about $3 million if annexation was successful, and impacted residents would have seen property tax increases.

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