Letter to the editor:

Students are an inspiration

Our political system is dominated by elected officials representing the will of an interest group. The officials pass legislation that promotes the lobbyist’s issues, receives a large campaign donation and tells their constituents that they are better off for the new legislation. Gun control is the perfect example.

Gun rights are for the law abiding; more guns make us safer. These tired excuses worked to delay or deflect any gun restrictions. We became complacent, as rebelling against this system was considered futile.

Things may be different this time. Watching the Parkland, Fla., shooting survivors speak about their pain and their dedication to change the system gives us hope. Their passion to makes us feel that we have been lax in our duty to monitor our representatives, and shakes us from our accepted ineptitude. The Florida legislature rejected their efforts, but President Donald Trump has spoken about banning bump stocks and instituting complex background checks.

Trump’s offers may be token solutions that the students will recognize for what they are, further motivating them. I hope that where we failed, the students will succeed.