Letter to the editor:

Many questions about gun safety

My longevity is due to this policy: “Never argue with someone holding a gun.” So, how will students safely be able to question what gun-totin’ teachers say?

What happens if a disruptive student throws a spitball in class? Will he or she be shot? How about just a simple wound if it’s a first offense?

Since substitute teachers don’t work full-time, will the school provide a gun when they get an assignment, or will they have to bring their own?

Since three armed guards were unable to stop carnage at the Parkland, Fla., school, how many armed guards will it take?

If giving “good guys” guns will protect against bad guys with guns, how will we know who are the good guys?

Questions abound, but I’m sure the president has thought this through thoroughly. The Donald wouldn’t duck deep analysis, would he?