Letter to the editor:

Sensible steps to protect schools

After being a teacher for more than 50 years, I cannot imagine anything more ludicrous and inappropriate than the idea of arming classroom teachers.

It is unfortunate that the United States is burdened with an organization such as the National Rifle Association, which was formed to protect gun owners but has become a lobbying group that bribes politicians to encourage the manufacture, sale and use of all forms of weapons. As a result of these bribes, the politicians are afraid to face the reality of having armed teachers in classrooms but will vote in favor of it just to maintain their positions in Congress.

Several actions are necessary to ensure school safety. We should have metal detectors at all doors and security guards for all schools. For the security of the entire population, we need to ban the sale of AR-15s and bump stocks. We must increase and strengthen background checks for prospective gun owners and limit the number of guns one individual may own.

Are we going to sit back and hope it will “go away by itself” or are we going to take action before there is another tragic incident involving children?