Letter to the editor:

US becoming a moral cesspool

Sun, Mar 11, 2018 (3 a.m.)

Recently, President Donald Trump called some countries an unprintable name. But given the exposure of prominent men in positions of power as sexual predators, and of bullies who abuse women becoming an almost daily occurrence, living in America is beginning to feel like living in a sewer.

I know there are countless numbers of decent men in this country because I’ve been married to one for 62 years, but when people accept a leader who has no honor or decency, it gives a stamp of legitimacy to bad behavior. What is especially heinous is the conduct of religious leaders like the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins — and other churchgoing Americans who support that pathetic man in the White House.

There is a principle within the law known as the clean hands doctrine. The religious right does not have clean hands because it has dismissed Trump’s disgusting history with women, his racism, his calls for violence against the press, and his refusal to blame Russia for interfering in our election.

What do Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin talk about in those undisclosed, private conversations? I’m worried it is all about America’s top secrets, of which Trump is briefed daily.

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