Letter to the editor:

Don’t hurt those on fixed incomes

The Aug. 2 letter “Higher wages benefit all” left me wondering how raising prices — an effect of higher wages — would help those on fixed incomes. Their buying power and lifetime savings would be reduced.

All I’ve seen over for decades is inflation because of higher wages and cost of goods. Yes, more money would go into the Social Security fund but more taxes would be withheld, too. The money would be coming out of the higher wages, so does the wage earner really benefit?

According to the letter writer, spending would increase, requiring more employees to be hired to cover the additional business. If this is true, why are employees’ hours being cut or positions terminated in areas where the minimum wage has been increased?

There is no need for a state or federal minimum wage. Employees should be paid for the quality of their work. Then there would be more jobs for youngsters instead of a higher unemployment rate for them.