Letter to the editor:

Gun strategy isn’t working

We have been doing an experiment with the American public for decades.

The National Rifle Association and other gun advocates have for decades pushed for more guns, reasoning that if everyone has a gun, then the crazies who want to kill us will think twice before acting.

How is the experiment going? America is among the world leaders when it comes to accessing weapons and committing mass murders. And this is with a good economy. Imagine if it goes south.

When will we know the final results? Is 500 million guns enough? When do we try the experiment of controlling access to guns, like has been done in other Western democracies? Can we start with gun registration? Can we do something about the proliferation of assault-style weapons? How about denying guns to those on the no-fly list? Do we have to continue this insane approach to not solving a problem? Do we think more weapons are going to help, or is money at the end of the rainbow?