Letter to the editor:

Debates pave path for Trump

One thing we can all agree about: Democrats are really good at figuring out how to lose an election.

For the presidential election in 2020, they’ve fielded a couple dozen candidates who must repeatedly debate one another on national TV. Each is given a few moments to address extremely complex issues, after which six or seven others attack, dismantle and eviscerate whatever plan their opponent has proposed.

How can we trust anyone’s plan when so many other leading Democrats find fault with it? The candidates are like gladiators who are forced to fight one another to the death until there is one left standing. Then that battered, bruised and bleeding winner will go up against President Donald Trump, who has been comfortably sitting on the sidelines watching.

It looks like the Democrats want Trump to win. If I were advising one of the candidates, I’d tell them to boycott all future debates.