Former student accused of threatening Las Vegas high school

Fri, Aug 23, 2019 (3:34 p.m.)

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Cody Pomeroy

Cody Pomeroy confided in a co-worker that he would wear all white on the day he attacked his former high school, according to Metro Police.

The plan to “shoot up” Desert Oasis High in Las Vegas on Monday fell through because a supposed accomplice became ill, Pomeroy reportedly told his co-worker. But Pomeroy, 18, told the co-worker a future attack was “all set,” and that he was “waiting for the time,” according to an arrest affidavit released today.

Pomeroy was arrested Tuesday and booked at the Clark County Detention Center on one felony count each of making a terrorism threat and possession of an explosive device, jail logs show.

Serving a search warrant at his home Wednesday, Metro found a component of an improvised explosive in which he taped together two devices made from fireworks, and added candle jars that could have been used as shrapnel, police said. The device was “outside the normal industrial firework.”

Police said Pomeroy, who last spring graduated from Desert Oasis, admitted to building the device after playing with fireworks on July 5. He said he was going to set it off in the desert because he knew the glass would shatter.

It wasn’t clear if Pomeroy possessed a firearm to carry out the school attack or if police were pursuing a case against anyone else, although court records indicate there hasn’t been a related case filed.

Pomeroy made a court appearance today and is being held in lieu of a $100,000 bond, Las Vegas Justice Court records show. If released, Pomeroy would be monitored and he wouldn’t be allowed to use the internet, records show.

In a conversation at work in a fast-food establishment, located 3 miles north of the high school, Pomeroy told a co-worker that he and another work colleague would shoot up the school on Monday, police said. Pomeroy also reportedly said that he was depressed and suicidal, the report said.

The co-worker later said he hadn’t taken the threat seriously, police said. Back at work Monday, the worker jokingly asked Pomeroy if he had followed through with the plan.

Pomeroy allegedly said the plan was canceled because the other co-worker was sick, but that they would do it “next week.”

The reporting co-worker questioned Pomeroy about why he would want to follow through with the attack. “Cody told (redacted) that a person was speaking badly about his group and it was a revenge thing.”

The co-worker told a supervisor about the conversations Monday, and the manager subsequently reported it to Metro, police said.

Police saw a social media post that showed Pomeroy posing with a gun and his supposed accomplice – who was still enrolled at the school – holding a knife, according to the report. The caption read, “Its hard to walk when your chained in shackles (sic).”

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