Letter to the editor:

American voters must do better

President Donald Trump is not a conservative Republican. And he is not a liberal Democrat.

Trump is simply a narcissistic, two-bit criminal who does nothing for anyone except himself. About 40-45% of the American electorate would disagree. I am not sure how energetic this disagreement would be, but lay that aside for the moment and let me ask this question: What if Trump had run as a Democrat and won?

I am sure my Democrat friends would be quick to say, “No way! We wouldn’t have elected him as our candidate, and we would not have supported his actions since he took office.” I would like to accept that conclusion, but I am not sure.

It is clear that the American electorate made a mistake in electing Trump. We will not make that mistake in the next election, but the question remains: How did this petty criminal become president in the first place?

Have we become so tribal that we have not taken care to assure that only those really worthy of the position get the job? The Constitution cannot protect us on this point. All you have to be is a natural-born citizen and 35 years of age or older to run for president. The rest is up to us, and we simply failed in our responsibility.