Las Vegas can be proud of UNLV

Thank you to Brian Greenspun for a wonderful column about UNLV (“UNLV now sits on a very short list,” Feb. 3).

When I joined UNLV as an assistant professor of physics in 2003, I never imagined that the university would grow as much as it has. But it has. As a professor, I love my job and the chance to positively change the world one student at a time. I am thrilled that we have achieved high research activity status and proud that I contributed to that status in a small way by teaching my students how to think outside of the box and perform research that is essential to the economic growth and well-being of our nation.

Las Vegas is one of America’s most famous cities. It deserves a high-quality university. When I started at UNLV and would travel for my research, people on planes would often ask me if I taught “gambling science.” Now, they don’t. Las Vegas has diversified in so many ways as a first-class city that we’re not just known for gambling.

With continued strong support from the public and our leaders, UNLV will continue to excel and grow as an intellectual powerhouse and gem of our great city.


The writer is a physics professor at UNLV.