Letter to the editor:

Border security requires action

Just repeating time and again that they’re for border security doesn’t make the statement true.

Democrats, in fact, show through their actions that they really have no interest in border security or in compromise. Sure, they spew rhetoric claiming they do out of one side of their mouth, while at the same time they support policies antithetical to border security.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi don’t believe Department of Homeland Security reports that more than 17,000 criminals and 4,000 terrorists have been captured trying to enter illegally.

They also now refuse to listen to the unions that represent border and customs agents as to what they deem necessary — a border system that does, in fact, include walls and other obstacles to entry.

Despite preventable deaths of both citizens and legal immigrants occurring at the hands of undocumented immigrants, liberal legislators protect those here unlawfully rather than support federal immigration laws.

Many officers of the law claim they are powerless to protect those they take an oath to protect as a result of these misguided policies.

The art of politics is supposed to be compromise. A good deal is considered one where both sides get a little and give a little. A great deal is when both sides walk away unhappy.

If one side wants $5 billion and the other wants $0, a fair compromise is $2.5 billion. Yet, only one side appears willing to negotiate.