Letter to the editor:

Trump acts out before thinking

The ramifications of antagonizing Iran, as well as abrogating the allied treaty that would limit its ability to delay the creation of a nuclear arsenal, are now being felt based on the irresponsible action by President Donald Trump’s reimposing trade and other sanctions. As a result of his misguided posture, the world is now more at risk of a nuclear holocaust.

Trump’s political ignorance and misguided actions, together with his vile language and autocratic intentions, have resulted in the most dangerous time for our country since 9/11. His photo-ops and praises for the worst dictators in the world, in addition to creating dissension among our allies, has seriously diminished our country’s credibility.

Despite his “love letters” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, there still is a nuclear crisis scenario developing in the Far East. Trump’s camaraderie with Russian President Vladmir Putin has virtually ensured continued disruption of our electoral process. The issues with China potentially could explode into a full-blown trade war to the detriment of our citizens. Further, his romance with Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines almost validates that dictator’s killings without judicial due process.

Now, the president is trying to further the GOP control of government with his quest to include a census question that would ensure Republican dominance. The time has come for voters to finally realize that a coup is in the air, and we must be vigilant before making a serious mistake by re-electing this unstable president.