Promote state’s natural beauty

I have been a resident in the Las Vegas Valley for more than 43 years, and throughout that time, I have seen this state blossom from a scarcely populated gambling town into the robust, tightly knit community it is today.

As a community, we have been retreating from the noise of the Strip to our beautiful public lands to enjoy camping, boating, skiing, hiking, biking and all manner of outdoor recreational activities. It’s long past time that we treat our state parks and recreational sites with the same support and professionalism that we have shown our casinos and other attractions.

The Office of Outdoor Recreation will promote our wildlands, state parks and the small businesses that are a fundamental part of the booming eco-tourism economy. By encouraging visitors and families to visit Nevada’s recreational sites, we can increase attendance, boost revenue and encourage future investment in an industry that has become an integral sector of many states’ economies.