Veterans have earned homes

Thanks to Sen. Jacky Rosen for taking the time to praise our veterans in her June 5 guest column “D-Day is a reminder to fight for veterans” — and for taking action on their behalf.

Unfortunately, there are still too many homeless vets. Currently there is an effort in Congress to boost funding for the Housing Choice Vouchers program (Section 8), in order to both keep up with costs and help some families who qualify for this program but don’t receive help, including some veterans (only 25% of those who qualify receive a voucher). The House Appropriations Committee proposes an increase that would house 9,000 more families, far from the original 340,000 families that a $5 billion increase would help.

So perhaps Rosen can help make sure the Senate chooses the larger number. What better way to help Americans who have served their country than to be sure they have housing?