The making of a dictator

It has always been a question of mine: How do dictators take over a country?

Some have used the military to seize control. Others have been voted into office and immediately started using executive orders to change the normal way government operates. Once in power, autocrats strive to neutralize a free press. They either take it over and control the narrative or continually denigrate it, hoping people will lose faith in the honesty of the reporting. The second thing dictators do is ignore or block any effort by the opposition to hold them accountable. Well-placed henchmen eagerly pick up the chant and drown any outcry.

I used to believe that our constitution, a free election and our three branches of government would prevent anything like that from happening in America. I was wrong. President Donald Trump is looking more like a despot with each passing day. America's destiny will be determined in the 2020 election. Will we have a democracy or dictatorship? Your vote matters more than ever.