Letter to the editor:

Each lawmaker must take a stand

Republicans would like us to believe Democrats will suffer if they proceed with articles of impeachment. But it would be far worse for them not to. This shouldn’t be a partisan fight; serious questions about the Constitution and the rule of law are at stake.

The Mueller report outlines 10 instances in which President Donald Trump obstructed justice. Democrats can also go after emoluments violations or center their investigation around Trump’s use of his office to strong-arm a dependent country for personal political gain. It’s anyone’s guess whether there are more whistleblowers, or if a transcript of the Oval Office meeting between Trump and the Russian ambassador will surface. Both could add fuel to the flames.

So far, the White House has stonewalled Congress’ constitutional duty to investigate the executive branch. Recently, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blocked five department officials from testifying. The White House’s refusal to produce subpoenaed documents, and its blocking other White House officials from testifying, is like an admission of guilt. Executive privilege does not apply when there is wrongdoing or criminal behavior involved.

More than 218 House Democrats, enough to impeach, have stood and declared where they stand.

A Senate impeachment trial is needed so every Republican senator has to stand and cast a vote. No more hiding. No more silent responses. That vote will become their legacy. 

The Senate must act if the House passes articles to impeach, and then the people will find out where each of our elected officials stands.