Letter to the editor:

Cleaner cars are a must for future

Vehicles are the No. 1 source of carbon emissions in our country. Within a decade, if decisive action is not taken, we will be forced to adapt to a punishingly harsh climate. In Las Vegas, we will see a dramatic increase in extremely hot days during our already scorching summers. Heat deaths will increase, putting me and my family at risk. In addition to contributing to climate change, vehicle pollution also contributes to asthma and other health issues.

My sons deserve better. Nevada has made progress on reducing our carbon footprint, such as encouraging the transition to clean, renewable energy via a 50% by 2030 renewable portfolio standard. Another bill signed by Gov. Steve Sisolak, waives certain weight limits so electric or hybrid semi-trucks can compete on state highways.

But we must do more. Local and state government, along with NV Energy, must help develop infrastructure to support increased use of electric vehicles. We have to expand charging stations from public buildings, casinos and commercial centers to apartment complexes and office buildings. We need more funding to help schools exchange dirty diesel buses for clean electric models. And we must halt any attempts to impose fees on electric vehicles. We need to encourage this vehicle transition, not make it harder.

When I think about the world I want my children to inherit, it’s one where humans have taken on the task of ending the climate crisis and that the beautiful landscapes of America are protected from fossil fuel pollution.