Letter to the editor:

Evasive answers are the new norm

Having spent hours Sunday watching several news stations, I have come to a conclusion regarding how hard it is to get a simple answer from almost all of the Republicans who get on these shows. 

For fear of being tweeted about and maybe having to get a job should they be dumped from their current perch, they never answer with a one-word reply.

Regardless of the severity or simplicity of the question, the reply is a redirect, deflection and avoidance by playing “word-ball.”

What is it that makes yes or no so difficult?

Children under 10 would deflect by just asking why, and that drives parents up the wall. We are asking a question oftypically college-educated and sometimes experienced businesspeople. It would nice to get the answer, but that would take them speaking for themselves and not being a presidential parrots.Let the games begin.