Letter to the editor:

Impeachment being abused

I fully support the idea of an impeachment inquiry, but so far the method of that inquiry is highly suspect and smacks of political chicanery, not fairness.

The House of Representatives has initiated impeachment proceedings for judges and other officials 62 times, always beginning with a resolution to authorize an investigation adopted by the full House.

The process of impeachment grants initial responsibility to the House. Nowhere is the speaker assigned specific responsibilities, but that’s not going to stop Nancy Pelosi. Discarding precedent allows Democrats to control the process. Also, while the Judiciary Committee typically handles the investigation, this time it’s the Intelligence Committee in charge, giving Adam Schiff the ability to run a highly partisan campaign.

So why is everything so different this time?

I suspect it’s because Democrats are really the ones who are trying to affect the 2020 election.

My guess is that the House will never vote impeachment. To do so would give Senate Republicans the ability to stage a public trial and allow the president to mount a vigorous defense, potentially undermining what the Democrats would have achieved.